Formula 1 in Sochi: hot Finns were locked in the eyes of Putin


One of the most promising pilots of the Royal race of the Finn Valtteri Bottas emerged in front of the car of Mexican Sergio Perez and smiled to the podium in Sochi less than a circle. But a moment later he sees in the rear view mirror of the Ferrari of his compatriot Kimi Raikkonen. And within three seconds once the fight for the third place white and red cars, horns, leaves the “Sochi Circuit”. Such a spectacular Grand Prix of the 66th world Cup has ever seen!

photo: AP

A year ago, President Vladimir Putin appeared on the racetrack during the race. This time in the company of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak and General promoter of “Formula-1” Bernie Ecclestone, already in time to try on the traditional clothing of indigenous peoples of the Caucasus, he looked 15-th stage from beginning to end. In the eyes of the President actually withered intrigue in the world championship. Launched the first Nico Rosberg broke the brake pedal and went off the road, Putin has again awarded the main Cup of Briton Lewis Hamilton, dressed in a “stylized” high technology hat with earflaps. Separation from the pursuer 73 points. Too much until after worlds to ham of the Mercedes team who could get around.

But not this remarkable race. While tourists and fans of “f-1” from all over the world abused hurl the black sea coast of Caucasus for the fact that nothing brought bathing suits (the weather has drastically deteriorated even Thursday), the staff of the track passed your exam for emergency management. Friday watered the track a diesel fuel cleaner: asphalt Russian ring has become unfit to drive. On Saturday in the third free practice in a terrible accident Spaniard Carlos Sainz Jr, the son of the great rally driver. Medical helicopter scared the audience, but soon appeared in social networks post the rider: he left after inspection. In a shirt was born.

And in the 3rd turn from the start clashed fireballs pilots Hulkenberg and Eriksson: on the road full of debris, leaves safety car, the safety car. Several relatively calm circles — and there is no living space on the car of Romain Grosjean. Again on the track car with flashing lights. And the Frenchman for some time not even moving, which is something we have observed in cases with a fatal outcome. The moment of horror. But once the race is complete, the pilot will say in interviews: “I Closed my eyes and braced for terrible pain…” Cost, although the car is great ducked under the steel element of the bump.

Finally, brave bird… Starting from second place, he fought like a lion, but could not resist the pressure from the pursuing groups, along with Cuatom. He flies to 13-m turn (again!) and came back, loses on a trajectory stand the rear wing. “Brave Russian!”, says radio the future author of the second place, 4-time world champion German Sebastian Vettel, seeing as an employee of the circuit runs to the middle of the track and carries the dangerous item. But Mexican Perez happy conceding two, he still goes to the awards!

But probably Sunday the Grand Prix of Russia is not over. Bottas (not scopulosa epithets) and his Williams team will require severe punishment for Raikkonen. The more experienced Finn, a world champion at Ferrari spoil the Grand Prix for young compatriot. Perhaps the final Protocol will be reviewed. But it was into the hands of Russian Daniil Kvyat! The pilot of Red Bull Renault was not originally hoped for a miracle in advance and reassured fans: the track in Sochi Olympic Park the car loses major competitors in power. But a succession of retirements for technical reasons, and foolishly gave the owner tracks the opportunity to come sixth. Russian pilot firmly entrenched in 8th place in the overall standings of the world Cup.

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