picture 660 - France Football decided not to award the "Golden ball" in 2020

France Football decided not to award the “Golden ball” in 2020


Magazine France Football on their website announced that in 2020, the “Golden ball” awarded will not.


This decision is connected with the pandemic COVID-19, and called to her exceptional circumstances that do not allow fair to award the prize.

“We don’t want in the description of this award was an asterisk with a footnote “a prize won in exceptional circumstances because of the crisis caused by the coronavirus”.

Justice, so important to receive this prize cannot be provided, particularly in terms of player statistics. It is impossible to evaluate players the same way, given that the season for some of them came to an abrupt end”, the statement says France Football.

In 2019, the owner of “Golden ball” was the forward of “Barcelona” Lionel Messi.