French lighter. Take Gigot brought “Spartaku” victory in the Derby


CSKA won outright the first half, but failed to score and after a break of a key role played by the French defender, was involved in all three goals. Now he is the best scorer red and white in RPL.News SMI2

General Director of “Spartacus” Thomas Zorn promised that started in the summer transfer revolution will end in mid-August, and the Moscow Derby we will see the final version of the team. In General, a promise he kept. The only exception is the position of defensive midfielder, which, according to the latest information, claims Adrien Tomes of “nice”. It needs to arrive in the capital on Tuesday.

In the absence of the rookie at the center of the field has traditionally been answered by the Duo Roman Zobnin – Ayaz Guliyev. In General, the main composition of red and white becomes the most stable. In comparison with the match against “Thun” Oleg Kononov made only two changes. Instead Resiana Mirtova and disqualified Ezekiel Ponce, Jordan Larsson and Gus teel. Both could not come out against the Swiss due to the fact that was not stated in the Europa League.

Larsson is located on the right flank, Zelimkhan Bakaev left on the opposite edge. Andre Schurrle appeared again in the attack, and Teal beneath. Thus, Kononov reproduced the starting lineup, who started the match in Grozny.

The main problem faced by the coach of CSKA Viktor Goncharenko is the lack of Arnor Sigurdsson, who was injured in the meeting with the “Sochi”. Instead, in the absence of alternatives appeared Dmitry Efremov. He, together with Nikola Vlasica had to answer for their creativity in midfield.

More unexpected was the decision of the coach to produce the basis of Constantine Kuchaeva. It is located on the left flank, and Ivan Oblakov moved in the reference area to Ilzat Akhmetov. Kristijan Bistrovic and Yak BIAL, thus, remained on the bench. Most confusing depth of the red blue. With the exception of two holding Midfielders serious candidates for the strengthening of the game during the match, the coach remained.

Note also that the three Central defenders appeared Kirill Nababkin. Zvonimir Sharlia left, and Victor Vasin did not hit even in the application. Fedor Chalov, despite the rescheduling of the nose, came out at the base. However, doubts at anybody was not. He didn’t even need goggles.

Before the game the bleachers with a minute of applause greeted the feat of crew of the U6 – 178, thanks to his skill saved two hundred lives during the emergency landing in a cornfield.

From the first minutes of CSKA has offered his opponent a high pressure, forcing defenders red-and-white to start the attack medium or long passes into the struggle. As a result, the ball from Spartak kept worse. Red and blue (they played in white) confident control of the ball and a large force approached the goal of Alexander Maksimenko. Twice the 15-th minute, the goalkeeper saved the partners from seemingly imminent death, winning a duel at Chalova.

Spartacus answered the frantic attitude of Samuel Gigot, twice in ten minutes is very hard to meet Ephraim. After the first collision, the midfielder was able to continue, but after a second it lasted only a few moments, after which he fell on the pitch and was replaced. And again Goncharenko surprised, releasing instead a striker Takuma Nishimura. In defense, the Japanese acted on the same line as Vlasica, and the attacks have risen in a couple Chalova.

Revealing two minor, it would seem that episode. Andrey Yeshchenko vbrasyvaya the ball out of their half of the pitch and did not find the target, giving it to the opponent. Immediately after this, the army from the center line of the stuffing out and without any problems brought to his Heguru the Magnusson. Another episode in the middle of the half – three consecutive transmission ago performed by Guliyev. At times the impression that guests on the field more banal.

Only at the end of the first half, the army began to get tired and lose compactness, and Spartak had managed to move the game from their penalty area. Then they created their best moment. Schürrle pulled the ball and rolled his surroundings. After hitting the ball the Dutchman flew just over the bar. Although it seems that Igor Akinfeev had control of the situation.

With the whistle in the second half the fans started to shoot outside the gate Akinfeev prepared pyrotechnics. She became a beacon for Spartacus. They were better able to exploit the flanks, have more possession and to get close to possessions of the opponent. And having caught the opportunity to counterattack, quickly ran forward. And was beaten first ball. Having made the interception, Spartak took him through the centre left Him, and he sighted submitted to the centre for he ran to help his comrades Gigot. The Frenchman brilliantly ordered opportunity.

This goal was for the guests a blow from which they recovered. After all the same Gigot could remove all questions, but Akinfeev showed amazing reactions, leaving CSKA in the game. And they backed his goalkeeper after attack, similar to the one that became a goal for Thun. The ball came into the penalty area from the right flank and after a series of ricochets fell to Mario Fernandes. Blow Russian Brazilian was closed for its defenders Alexander Maksimenko nebrasksa, but still a rebound from Gigot did not become his helper.

Emotions are running high. Every encounter became a reason for clashes. Sergey Karasev with difficulty kept the team in the framework of decency. Hot and fans, which gave the pyrotechnic volley. The field was shrouded in smoke, and the referee had to pause the game for three or four minutes. Probably because of the cameras VAR to see whatever became impossible. Here are seven added minutes.

The army this pause unsettled. They again did not keep track of Gigot, this time after a corner. Thus, the defender was involved in all three goals. The remaining minutes passed in the smoke, the tension and the attempts of CSKA to score, which the Spartacists had opposed his counter-attack. Goncharenko made a bet on the physical pressure, which even resorted to switch back. Nishimura gave way to the Yak Biolo.

Pile in the end of the red and blue failed. Moreover, Melgarejo had the opportunity to score the third goal, but Melgarejo, going one-on-one, drove the ball into the goalkeeper’s hands. “Spartak” won the Derby ahead in the standings CSKA Moscow came in fourth place.

The sixth round

“Spartak” (Moscow) — CSKA (Moscow) – 2:1 (0:0)
Spartak: Maksimenko, Eschenko, Djikia, Gigot, Ayrton, Guliyev, Zobnin, Z. Bakaev (Melgarejo, 88), Him, Till, Larsson (Of Mirzov, 73).
CSKA Moscow: Akinfeev, Fernandes, Nababkin, Diveev, Magnusson, Akhmetov (Bistrovich, 80), of vlašić, Oblakov, Efremov (Nishimura, 22; Biol, 87), Kuchaev, Chalov.
Goals: Gigot, 59 (1:0); Mario Fernandez, 68 (1:1); Gigot, 79 (2:1).
Warning: Larsson, 36 – Magnusson, 71; Nababkin, 90+5.

source: “Soviet sport”

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