From Bayern to “Tyrol”: why these days for Lokomotiv – historical


This week was amazingly busy on a historic date for football “Loco”. In fact, you can start even with the end of the previous one – since 8 September. Just this day, which fell this year on Sunday, we looked with the then President of “Locomotive” Valery Filatov on, as is now the selection of kids to the Academy of the red-green.

Eugene Harlachev. Photo:

And I’ve opened Nikolaich soul – reminding about what exactly 18 years ago, “the Locomotive” for the first time in history broke into the group stage of the Champions League. Yes: after a controversial rematch against the Austrian “Tirol” in Innsbruck (the opponents then find fault with that in the second leg, won the “Loco” as the first, clearly and beautifully, the referee showed the yellow card to the wrong player).

– I like when the game came to the hotel, immediately said: all – champagne! smiling, launched into memories Filatov. In the end, it ended somehow quite rapidly, not only here but also in the neighboring hotels and shops…

Accordingly, on 11 September was the 18th anniversary already debut “Locomotive” in group tournament of League: played then against the Belgian Anderlecht. But the match, as a goal by Vladimir Maminov, remember not too much. Because – once again attention! – it was 11.09.2001. And literally three hours before the game happened the collapse of the twin towers in new York, what first remember, no one in the stadium was not considered important – but at the end of the meeting when it became clear the scale of the tragedy, just her and discussed.

And on 12 September, the day when Oleg Pashinina, now assistant of Yury Semin in the coaching staff, but in General – a person who is 16 years faithfully fought to protect the “Loco” turned 45, it was exactly 24 years, as “Locomotive” won the first-ever victory in UEFA competition. And who: in his own lair at the Olympic stadium was defeated Bayern Munich!

And the author of the only goal (by the way, is also the first European to “Locomotive”) became Eugene harlachev. Although now – Evgeny Valerievich. The head of the youth sector in the “Locomotive”. Recently reminisced with him about what the game was preceded by: “Before the match we met – Semin (Semin) asks Valery Nikolayevich (Filatov): what promise the prize for winning? Pavel Pavlovich meets in the spirit, that can be any amount to call. Supposedly, all one in Munich to beat Bayern. What p. says, pointing at us: “These can anyone to beat!” But promised in the end for 5 thousand dollars. Everyone! Crazy money – then usually the prize we had 10 times less. And because all paid – albeit, of course, not immediately!”

In the second half harlachev received a pass from Alex Kosolapov, ran one on one with the great Oliver Kahn, beat the Keeper and rolled the ball into an empty net. And, incidentally, he played then langedoc earlier happened in one of the matches of the championship of Russia the turning point. So the first goal of “Locomotive” in Euro cups scored person in the cast…

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