From the Villa to Present: In nine years, Barcelona have bought Valencia have seven players


In the last decade, Barcelona have moved to take Valencia have the best players. Last summer was the goalkeeper, No.News SMI2

On the eve of the meeting of the “Barcelona and Valencia draw attention to a curious fact – for the last nine years in the Catalan capital went seven Valencia players for a total amount of 168 million euros. At the same time in the opposite direction proceeded only three, and only Jasper Sillesen “bats” paid “real” money.

The 2010-11 SEASON

David Villa (Spain)

От Вильи до Нету: За девять лет «Барселона» купила у «Валенсии» семь игроков

Age*: 28 years
Position: centre forward
The transfer amount: 40 million euros
Statistics for Barcelona: 119 games – 48 goals and 24 transmission
Titles in Barcelona: Champions League, championship of Spain (2), the Spanish Cup, the Spanish super Cup (2), club world championship

A pioneer from Valencia to Barcelona has become Spain striker, played for the bats for five seasons (219 matches, 127 goals). This transfer between the two clubs remain the most expensive. To approach him was only Andre Gomes six years later (37 million).

The transfer has proven itself in both domestic and international arenas – at the end of the debut season of Villa lifted the Cup winners of the Champions League, and the striker scored in the final at Wembley by putting a brilliant strike from outside the penalty box to the near “nine” gates of Edwin van der SAR point in the confrontation with the “Manchester United” (3:1).

Villa left Barcelona in 2013, played for Atletico Madrid, “new York city”, “Melbourne” and “Vissel Kobe”, where still dusty in their 37.

The 2012/13 SEASON

Jordi Alba (Spain)

От Вильи до Нету: За девять лет «Барселона» купила у «Валенсии» семь игроков

Age: 23 years
Position: left defender
Amount of transfer: 14 million euros
Statistics for Barcelona: 303 matches – 16 goals, 57 assists
Titles in Barcelona: the Champions League, Spanish League (5), Spanish Cup (4) super Cup (4), FIFA club world Cup.

The history of Alba is radically different from the way Willie. Jordi – graduate from “La Masia”, left the Academy of hometown club at 16 years of age. Football he was already in Valencia, for which he played over a hundred matches. But when the offer came from barça, to deny them failed, and after seven years returned to native land.

Since then, he has firmly occupied the position on the left flank of defense of Barca, won everything and became the best partner and assistant for Leo Messi – their understanding has become, without exaggeration, legendary. It’s funny to remember that he cost the Catalans just 14 million euros is the minimum amount of moving from Valencia to the Catalan capital in recent years.

Now Alba 30 years, and his contract is valid until 2024.

The 2014/15 SEASON

Jérémy Mathieu (France)

От Вильи до Нету: За девять лет «Барселона» купила у «Валенсии» семь игроков

Age: 30 year
Position: versatile defender
Amount of transfer: 20 million euros
Statistics for Barcelona: 91 matches – 4 goals, 3 assists
Titles in Barcelona: Champions League, championship of Spain (2), Spanish Cup (3), Spanish super Cup, club world Cup, the UEFA super Cup

Definitely appreciate this transfer is difficult – multiple injuries constantly knocked Mathieu down, and the regular error from the main structure. On the other hand, FC Barcelona knew that a 30-year-old defender for a long time they did not linger. And so it happened. He played required by contract for three seasons and went to sporting Lisbon, which is to this day.

The SEASON 2016/17

André Gomes (Portugal)

От Вильи до Нету: За девять лет «Барселона» купила у «Валенсии» семь игроков

Age: 23 years
Position: Central midfielder
The transfer fee: 37 million euros
Statistics for Barcelona: 78 matches – 3 goals, 4 assists
Titles in Barcelona: the Spanish League, the Spanish Cup (2), Spanish super Cup

The first and perhaps the main failure of the “Barcelona” with the purchase of players “Valencia”. A young Portuguese had two seasons in the camp of “bats” that the Catalans are not stingy to give him 37 million euros.

High expectations from the game Gomes said the fact that the contract was written another 35 million in bonuses for various achievements, but to the surprise of many new team he has brought more harm than good, and just two years later went on loan to Everton, which plays to this day.

The mediocre play of Gomes, against Athletic and the reaction of the partners to his actions even dedicated video.

Paco Alcácer (Spain)

От Вильи до Нету: За девять лет «Барселона» купила у «Валенсии» семь игроков

Age: 23 years
Position: centre forward
Amount of transfer: 30 million euros
Statistics for Barcelona: 50 matches – 15 goals, 8 assists
Titles in Barcelona: the Spanish League, the Spanish Cup (2)

After Gomes directly before closing of the transfer window the Catalans lured from Valencia Alcacer but the young forward couldn’t get out of the shadow of Luis Suarez and brought the Blaugrana even less useful than the Portuguese played rarely and very little fruit. As a result, was placed Borussia Dortmund in a lease with option to purchase and only Germany really blossomed in the composition of black and yellow on his account, 25 goals in 37 games.

If the transactions Gomes, Barcelona had lost € 10 million, in the case of Alcacer – “only” 7 million.


Jason Murillo (Colombia)

От Вильи до Нету: За девять лет «Барселона» купила у «Валенсии» семь игроков

Age: 26 years
Position: Central defender
The amount of transfers: rent for 1.2 million
Statistics for Barcelona: 4 matches
Titles in Barcelona: the Spanish League

The most absurd transition, held in the winter transfer window, and gave the Colombian the only one in his career the title of champion of Spain. His every appearance on the field cost “Barcelona” 300 million euros, not counting salaries.

The deal was a forced – Samuel Umtiti and Thomas Vermaelen regularly experience health problems and needed a backup. Fortunately, the leadership of blue garnet only rented defender for six months, then returned to Valencia. In the summer he went to Sampdoria. The Shuttle is designed as a lease with obligation to purchase.

SEASON 2019/20


От Вильи до Нету: За девять лет «Барселона» купила у «Валенсии» семь игроков

Age: 30 years
Position: goalkeeper
The transfer amount: € 26 million (+9 million in bonuses)
Stats at Barcelona:
Titles in Barcelona:

Last Valencia at Barcelona was No. Formally, the transaction is decorated with transfers, although in fact it is a simple exchange of goalkeepers – back proceeded Cillessen. The only difference is that 9 million of the 35 million for the Brazilian “bats” will receive as bonuses to the accounting records to reflect them in the new financial period of the season 2019/20.


От Вильи до Нету: За девять лет «Барселона» купила у «Валенсии» семь игроков

In these nine years, from Barcelona to Valencia moved just three players. Transfer of Cillessen too confused by a large amount (35 million), but the rest of it it is difficult to assess. But two previous successful call.

Striker Munir El haddadi was part of the deal Alcacer and turned out to Valencia on loan, but in 36 games scored only 7 goals and was sent home. Then there was a rental in the “Alaves”, and in January 2019 Sevilla managed to buy it for just 1 million

Defender Martin Montoya lasted a season longer, after which he was sold to Brighton for 7 million

Transitions could be more. Last summer, the now former head coach of “Valencia” Marcelino Toral (he was dismissed three days before the meetings against Barcelona) urged him to buy Denis Suarez and Rafina, but did not find understanding with the authorities both started the new season in the “Celta”.

* At the time of the transition.

source: “Soviet sport”

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