From their knockdown, knockout from Gigot. One big mistake in the Derby


“Spartak” has won on business. If not Akinfeev – would have won bigger. But again flunked in the first half. But CSKA gave the opponent the victory. On the field and in the stands.


The second match in a row in the first half performance of “Spartacus” is discouraging. But this is the explanation even more. Newcomers have not had time to play, not all players declared for the Europa League, so there is a necessary rotation of personnel.

Rally participants, as a rule, passing the stage 4 times – two in the preview mode, and then two more in “combat”. There is something similar – the first half is spent on the research itself and the opponent, but then begins the sport.

That break CSKA did not leave, conducting in the account – to blame but himself. The team obviously lacks the “capacity to kill” in the implementation of scoring chances. It showed the match with “Sochi” and the first half of the Derby. CSKA could have scored at least 4 times, but vlašić all the time “defective” strikes, and Chalov fussed in the implementation.

This, incidentally, is very significant for our football in General. If you look closely at the career of Artem Dzuba (he will celebrate 31 years), we find that from his game vanity went to 27-28 years. Almost the same story from Fyodor Smolov (where the maturity came a couple of years earlier). At the end of the attack you need to keep a cool head and keep the clarity. This is not enough Chalova. He had time to control the ball, and to aim and to fulfill it in an empty corner – but, he hastily broke the force in one where there already was two of Spartacus, and was hit in the leg Maksimenko.

To be clear – see how work in the implementation of the moments of the best forwards in the world. For Example, Robert Lewandowski. Or Harry Kane.

You could even say even easier – look at what “products” gives on our level of Andre Schurrle? In Dortmund he looked a decrepit old man, the man, have forgotten how to play football. Here almost every episode, each attacking action – show us the difference in class. Do not rule out, incidentally, that a similar way can open up another former player of Borussia Maximilian Philipp (he is now in “the Dynamo”).

In the second half, “Spartak” has added exactly the same as against “Thun”. And suddenly it became clear that CSKA is bursting reference area. Before the break, CSKA had much more ball possession and not let the opponent to attack (only at the very end til the shot is really dangerous). Then in the center was “Polye”. Spartak.

Objective reasons have Goncharenko, too, abound. To all the trouble earlier period (injury schennikova, Dzagoev and Sigurdsson) added another Ephraim in the first half. By the way, I do not agree that in that episode there was a foul Gigot kicked the ball, though, and carried him “with meat”. In Germany or England at this moment no one would pay attention. This is football, not ballet. And it is strange that after the break, Karasev never punished card Magnusson – there was also the usual struggle. Hand or elbow Icelander is not exposed, and the explosion of emotions Djikia’s his personal business.

Very much in such matches, it solves One Big Mistake. To which the game is being played. It allowed CSKA. Or rather, in Belgrade, Nikola vlašić. The Croat at all compared to last season looks a little “cooked”. His skill is still there, but the confidence in the action was the less he seemed to doubt herself. And stopped to get into the team rhythm as successful as I had done this before.

Great attack CSKA was due to expire at least impact – even if it is inaccurate. That did not go forward the opponent. Instead of vlašić “cut” of its own, and in the counterattack, “Spartak” reminded of the law of football. Not sure about him, know Him and Gigot, but they played scoring episode.

CSKA had the strength to get back in the game (without the involvement of Gigot), although even before that Akinfeev twice saved in incredible situations. And then happened the same knockdown.

Pyrotechnics in the stadiums – it’s probably nowhere to go. But in this case the fans overdid it, first of all, the army. Dangling over a field of smoke divided the second half into two parts, determined the outcome of the game.

I think Sergey Karasev misses the game to resume, even the “lower” television plan had shown that the visibility on the field is weak. Maybe I should even take the team to the locker room. Fortunately, the game on national TV is not broadcast, and no TV broadcasting wouldn’t go.

About it after the match and said Goncharenko. And understand the game in a television Studio, Andrei Talalaev said that after the corner, the benefit received is the one who first saw the ball. Viewers or spectators at the top to see it could not. And, in my opinion, it’s better to sustain a longer pause – for universal comfort. To disassemble, how exactly Gigot scored twice – in the replays. It’s probably not exactly what should happen during one of the most important matches of the season.

One way or another – but the smoke was the same for the two teams. But, probably, “Spartak” the best preserved of mood during the pause, and CSKA immediately received a blow from which it has not recovered.

“Spartak” starts to shrug, but now he’s playing a very hard schedule. Soon the team to fly to the other end of Europe, and again to reshape the composition (Thiel and Larsson in Portugal can not play). But the winning result, the return on the 4th place in the table- all these are factors that only “dispersed” optimism.

CSKA urgently need to learn how to turn a cute game into a tangible result. Without it in football in any way.

source: “Soviet sport”

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