Gennady Masanov: This is the sunset of the career of Joshua. He’s an artificially inflated figure

The famous Russian coach Gennady Mashyanov called “bloated” figure, the British former world champion Anthony Joshua, and said that victory for Andy Ruiz is not a sensation.


Wards Maslanova is the light heavyweight champion by the WBA Dmitry Bivol and heavyweight Sergey Kuzmin. Kuzmin sparred with Ruiz, but against Joshua had a fight on the Amateur ring.

– Can the victory of Joshua over Ruiz called sensation scale, the Tyson – Douglas?
– Of course not. I am familiar with Ruiz. Sergei with him had trained and sparred in the same room, so the result for me was expected.

But do not considered you Ruiz favorite?
– I have treated power as 50 to 50. I know both fighters. Joshua is an artificially inflated figure, if you look at his entire career. Two years before the Olympics began its “drag” on all competitions from the calculation that the Games will be held in London.

And at the Olympics he “dragged”.
Yes. At least two matches, including the final against Italian Roberto Cammarelle. In two fights he lost by 100 percent. And the final was held in “one-gate”.

Joshua is a healthy guy, but every boxer pumped only enough for one good attack. The rest of the round goes to recovery. And showed that the fight with Ruiz. Andy was relaxed and calm. He went the distance and put “pack” strikes, staged a “mill”. Joshua had nothing to oppose. In the distance he punched one-two punch. One such combination even brought him success in the third round, but the rest of the time he was allowed Ruiz to a convenient rival middle distance. Joshua at this distance can not work.

– Why all this not happened with Alexander Povetkin?
– Sasha did what did Ruiz. The problem is that Povetkin was charged on one hit, max two. Breaking distance, he was dealt a one-two punch and that stopped. If you did, selectively continued to beat. Not caught the first blow, fell without further development. Povetkin was clamped, and Ruiz – relaxed. He went the distance and started beating like a machine gun. Even to invest is not necessary. Every impact has an effect.

– You have not thought that Joshua didn’t treat the opponent with respect?
– I would not say. At this level, all opponents come with respect. Every applicant wants to take the title, so any champion must be prepared.

– How to further career, Joshua? Like Mike Tyson after losing to Buster Douglas or Lennox Lewis after the defeat by Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman?
Joshua is not Lewis and not even Rahman. Technically and tactically he is inferior to both. And especially strongly it is inferior to Lewis. I think his career is over. In a rematch Ruiz he’ll win again. Moreover, he knows how to do it. I watched him for about a year, how he moves, how he springuel. It particularly hit does not give very sensitive, plastic, soft. All blows is at a very high speed. And the man in the heavy weight has a high speed – a very large boxer. From all this we can conclude that the boxer he is high level, let the “experts” in him and did not believe. This is the sunset of the career of Joshua. Don’t know how the rest of the return bout in England. Count Anthony maybe a coincidence, but in technical and tactical terms, Ruiz is much better.

– Also scheduled to fight between DevTeam Wilder and Luis Ortiz. You can count on another sensation?
– Sure, why not? In the first fight Ortiz foolishly gave up the fight. Wilder was in this position that another moment and the battle is over. At times, the Ortiz bit him. Don’t know the condition of the Cubans now, but the ability and the irradiance from Ortiz are on a higher level than Wilder. The question is, as it is used properly.

When Louis is properly used resources, he fought a battle, and then he spent “gasoline”. Ortiz lost because of fatigue. It was necessary to correctly distribute the forces properly and use points.

– Sergei Kovalev in the second match with Ladera Alvarez?
Yes. Ortiz has taken too many blows on the shoulder. At his age need to work more efficiently and selectively to beat, and he had to turn up the wick. Why? He’s much more skilled, literate and intelligent. Take a walk, find a situation and solve the issue. Not found rest. 12 rounds, what’s the hurry? Ortiz decided on the Amateur wave to crush the opponent’s pace. Wilder withstood the pace and waited until the opponent get tired. Ortiz became helpless, he even the hand could not lift. In that situation he would have knocked out any boxer.

And you are talking about the sensation. Sensation if Ortiz will again repeat his mistake – illiterate work. If he made the right conclusions, the ability and skill of Wilder and is not close to Cuban. Ortiz should win ” 99 percent.”

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