Georgy Jikia: it’s Hard to play four matches in ten days, but this also has the buzz


After the match “Spartak” – CSKA in which the red-white won (2:10, impressions of the game shared by the defenders of the red-and-white Georgy Jikia and Andrey Eschenko.


– How do you play? – question Djikia.
We won the Derby. Today all satisfied and happy. This is a great holiday for Spartak. Victory is natural.

– In the second half, “Spartak” quality added. That Kononov said at half-time?
– I will not divulge what is happening in the locker room. Nothing serious happened. Just made the adjustments learned from the first half, added a little and turned the game. Went points, standards, corner. Standards has borne fruit.

– I see symbolism in the fact that in such matches score people. Not looking forward to it?
Gigot likes to attack and is very effective doing it. We have all eleven players play, and everyone wants to score. He did it – a huge well done. Gigot won the prize of best player of the match and it is absolutely deserved.

– Tell about a break in the second half because of the smoke. It seemed that “Spartak” it will have adapted.
– This fog is in Derby. Do not pay attention to it. There was a slight pause. This is not so critical.

– Not surprised that CSKA began aggressively pressing in the first half and forty minutes did it without giving a break at all?
– I agree that in the second half we dominated, but in football it happens. Most importantly, we withstood their onslaught, and then began to act more aggressively and more efficiently.

– Do you agree with Bakayev that four games in ten days – hard to hold?
– His first time, and I’ve been through this before. Obviously, it’s hard, but this too has its own thrill when you play in the Russian League and in the Europa League. Personally I feel good when there are so many matches.

– With a good mood go to Braga?
– Yes, excellent.

You did a great job, won the Derby. Share emotions? – question Yeshchenko.
The first half was not very good. A second more passed under our dictation. We went out and scored. Had more chances to score.

– Why the first half was so lackluster?
Due to the fact that we are playing in three days.

– That is fatigued?
– Until run until the reconditioning…

– In the first half CSKA was Nishimura. It was hard against his flank? It seemed that he was faster than you.
– In CSKA all players are normal. Why single anyone out?

source: “Soviet sport”

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