Golovin is fine again! Russian scored in Champions League qualification


Golovin is fine again! Russian scored in Champions League qualification

AS Monaco are eager to advance to the group stage of the Champions League. In the 3rd qualifying round, the Monegasques faced off against Sparta Prague. Monaco confidently won on the road (2-0), and now they have done it at home, securing a place in the playoff round.

As well as a week ago, Alexander Golovin pleased with AS Monaco . The Russian midfielder has become one of the main creators of the Monegasque victory.

“Match TV”.

In the moment with a goal, Golovin unsuccessfully collided with a defender and immediately felt pain. The head coach of Monaco Niko Kovacs at this time conceived to make several substitutions at once, and Alexander left the field. The midfielder sat on the bench with ice, but this can be a preventive measure.

After the replacement of Golovin, the teams, despite the score, continued to attack and as a result exchanged goals. “Sparta” nevertheless punished the opponent for mistakes in defense, while “Monaco” scored the young Sophian Diop , who effectively rocked the defender.

In the play-off round, Monaco will play against Shakhtar Donetsk, who have twice defeated Belgian Genk. This means that Golovin and his team will have to go to Kiev – this is where the Pitmen are now playing their home games.

After the match, Golovin commented on his team’s victory to the Championship: “After the first meeting, we had a comfortable advantage. Today we just had to be collected and responsibly approach the game, which we did. In principle, they could have scored even before the break, but it so happened that they opened an account only in the second half. I’m glad of my goal, of course, but the most important thing is that we advanced to the next round. “

By the way, this was the first goal for Golovin in official matches this season. In addition, he scored for the first time in the Champions League. During the preseason, Alexander was already in perfect order and scored twice, and in the first match with Sparta he confirmed his form and gave an assist from a corner. Now there is a goal in the Champions League qualification. It remains to excel in the main tournament, but for this you need to pass Shakhtar. It is a pity that we will not see any of this pair in the group stage.

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