Goodbye, Mary: why Sharapova has announced his retirement


Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova on Wednesday announced the completion of a career. In an exclusive essay for Vanity Fair and Vogue Masha said tennis, “goodbye.” Behind 28 years in the courts, the first in the world rankings and five victories at the Grand slam tournaments. It was, on the one hand, expected, on the other – not very.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“How to leave behind the only life you ever knew? How to leave the course where you trained since you were a little girl? How to leave behind the game he loved, who brought you the invisible and unspoken tears of joy? To leave the sport where you find your family and fans, whose support for his back you could feel all 28 years? I don’t know, so please forgive me. I say goodbye to tennis,” wrote Maria Sharapova in an exclusive essay for Vanity Fair and Vogue.

How much were whispering about it lately. And if we were talking about Sharapova, then asked only one question — when? “Sharapova refuses to discuss retirement, but it would be strange not to think about it being in the fourth one hundred”, – sarcastically written media. “We should not build illusions that Maria will return to previous levels of tennis players from top 10,” – hard-voiced ex-first racket of the world Yevgeny Kafelnikov.

But the army of fans, Yes, the one whose support all these years felt Masha, I wanted to believe. The President of the Russian tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev even asked, then there was Sharapova’s chance to play at the Olympic games in Tokyo? “You know, cautiously he answered,- it is now very difficult with the rating because of injuries…”

Injury, failure, – and it came down to Mary after the disqualification because of Meldonium in 2016. Mary has made everything right. Called a press conference and apologized. The suspension was reduced from two years to 15 months. But to return to the top has failed.

After the disqualification in April 2017 Sharapova was happy to see almost any tournament organizers gave the Russian wild card, but due to injuries it was removed from competitions. US Open of that year gave hope that we will see the Russian tennis take on the same level. She beat Simona Halep and rising star then Sofia Kenin, but won only one tournament in the Tianjin eye observation.

The following year she broke the same in the top 30, but it was the ceiling, followed by a gradual and wave-like fall. In the beginning of this year after losing to Donna Vekic in the first round of the Australian Open in the first round, Masha flew to the fourth hundred, equalling his personal record with four consecutive losses. Whispers began to sound louder…

“I still have enough motivation and I do not think about the rating,” – stubbornly repeated Mary, thus forcing everyone to be quiet.

“Their labor and love for tennis Masha deserved to continue to play until then, until she decides to finish it – said, visited recently in edition “MK” the former tennis player Ekaterina Bychkova. And it’s time for everyone to take a beat with the question: well, when?”

Recently on my Instagram Maria showed the ring with a huge diamond. This was the hint: maybe soon I’ll give you what you want. Maria has long meets British businessman Alexander Gilcom.

“Were going to get married? Yes, thank God! – said the “MK” the news about the completion of a career Sharapova former world number one fifth Anna Chakvetadze. – Masha has plowed all his life, from childhood sweated on the courts. She has the right to enjoy all the pleasures of life beautiful women. Of course, disqualified her unsettled, and she could well do without this comeback to the sport, because her life and career, and before this could be considered a success. But she wanted to go. Yeah, didn’t work, it happens. And her champion nature did not allow her to accept the departure in the first circle. But for all of us she left the winner, tennis style icon that inspired all around, including children. Its the story of a little girl with great financial problems, left Sochi and have achieved all of this — not even one in a million and a billion”.

She retired from tennis, but is unlikely to leave the news feeds. And believe, there is now always a success, not defeat in the first round. After completing a career fighter Sharapova has not ceased to be.

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