Great news for LeBron, Doncic’s plight. NBA Free Agent Market Results


Great news for LeBron, Doncic’s plight. NBA Free Agent Market Results

The NBA free agent market is essentially over. Most of the significant signatures took place. Only a few free agents are left without clubs. Now is the right time to summarize the results of the transfer campaign in the NBA.

Great news for LeBron James. Lakers step up

Eight new players have joined the Los Angeles Lakers at once – Russell Westbrook , Carmelo Anthony , Wayne Ellington , Kent Basemore , Kendrick Nunn , Malik Monk , Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza . Westbrook’s transfer remains the subject of intense controversy. The 9-time All-Star and 2017 NBA MVP is unlikely to spoil the situation. Russell is not a guarantee of a title, but a very high class performer. In recent years, he has shown less selfishness on the set. The very fact that Russ agreed to be the third option after LeBron James and Anthony Davis is indicative.

Anthony is a quality bench reinforcement and will certainly be useful as a rotation player. And the Lakers are unlikely to have problems with shots from beyond the arc: last season, Ellington scored 42.2% of three-pointers, Anthony – 40.9%, Basemore – 40.8%, Monk – 40.1%, Nunn – 38.1%. At the same time, Ariza, Basemore and Monk also defend well on the perimeter. In general, the Lakers’ roster has nominally become deeper and more talented. However, not everything is so smooth.

There is an obvious problem – the age of the players, as Los Angeles has the oldest team in NBA history (average age of basketball players is 32.8 years). The Lakers became the first club in NBA history to invite six basketball players over 31 in a single offseason. Only Nunn (26) and Monk (23) turned out to be younger, as well as 20-year-old Horton-Tucker, with whom the contract was renewed. Anthony is 37 years old, Ariza is 36, Howard is 35. Although, according to Howard himself, they are all “not old, but experienced.” Can not argue with that. LeBron James has totally strengthened by updating his assistants. The King has a real chance for a fifth title.

“Brooklyn” adequately answered

For the Brooklyn Nets, this offseason was a plus. The contract with Kevin Durant was extended – an expected move, but no less important from this. Especially if you remember that Kay Dee alone got up in the playoffs two months ago. 4 years, $ 198 million, and the undisputed leader of the team remains with the Nets. For another year, a 6-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin will remain in the team , who agreed to accept the minimum wage. The best years of Blake’s career are over, but he cannot be called completely useless. Sometimes Griffin is able to show quality basketball.

Two players joined the team as free agents – James Johnson and Patrick Mills .

Johnson will replace Jeff Green , who left for Denver , and Mills will add to Brooklyn the depth of the squad that was lacking in the playoffs last season, when Kyrie Irving and James Harden were eliminated due to injuries. Mills played with dignity in the San Antonio Spurs for 9 years, and then brought his team a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In general, Patrick is one of the best players in the rotation in his position, who has a good shot and knows how to attack from the perimeter (last season he converted 38% of three-pointers). Strong sniper from the bench, which will come in handy in the playoffs. Nets General Manager Sean Marksexpressed confidence that the contracts with Irving and Harden will be extended in the near future. The Nets remained the team with the greatest superstar power in the NBA. The selection of role players is solid. Brooklyn are the main contenders for the title. The main thing is that the stars do not drop out due to injury at the decisive moment of the season.

Golden State did nothing

The big news for Warriors fans is Stephen Curry ‘s renewal . Steph received a contract for four years and $ 215 million. And the amount of this agreement is another subject of heated battles on the Internet. But Golden State seem to be determined to repay the legend for years at the club, whatever that might ultimately promise. Curry’s contract did not expire, so his renewal is a long-term move. So what has Golden State done to get better now? Unfortunately, nothing.

The Warriors joined three free agents in the offseason – Nemanja Bjelica , Otto Porter and, who would have thought, André Iguodala . All three were subscribed to the minimum wage and have no real impact on the team’s hopes of returning to the fight for the title. Iguodala, 37, is returning to the team, rather in order to positively influence the atmosphere in the locker room. The eminent veteran certainly does not hold the authority, but the level of play on the court has long been unsatisfactory. Bjelitsa came to the problematic position of the “big” – with a long-range throw, moderately experienced, moreover, on a minimal contract. But this is not even close to a top-level player.

Porter has suffered from a large number of injuries in the past two years. Otto is better than Smailagic, who left the Warriors, but one should not expect great feats from him. One way or another, all three are unlikely to count on anything more than 10-15 minutes. Golden State never received a powerful boost. Moreover, on the eve of the draft, the team counted on a loud transfer – Curry, Thompson and Green, for example, asked to exchange Bradley Beale. But the Warriors draft the young prospectuses Moses Moody and Jonathan Cuminga, who are unlikely to have an impact in the NBA right off the bat. All hope is only for Clay Thompson – or rather, that he will return to the site in optimal shape. The two missed years after the rupture of the Achilles and the “crosses” make this probability minimal.

“Chicago” and “Miami” are ready to radically transform

“Chicago” has seriously strengthened this offseason. Lonzo Ball has been awarded a four-year, $ 85 million contract. A strong playmaker with defensive skills that will allow Zach Avalanche to feel free on offense. In addition, Ball is only 23 years old, and he will still progress. The only thing is that the NBA is investigating his transfer. “Chicago” is suspected of tampering, and this threatens with sanctions up to a fine of $ 10 million, cancellation of the contract and removal of management. Although it is unlikely to be something serious.

Alex Caruso is a great roleplayer with defensive skills and long range throws. He will receive $ 37 million over four years. The Bulls may have overpaid a little, but not on a critical scale. DeMar DeRozan will receive $ 85 million over three years. Last season, he earned $ 27 million and would hardly have agreed to a significant salary cut, although a couple of weeks ago he said that the fight for the title in his native Los Angeles is much more important to him than money. Demar did not go to the minimum wage in the Lakers and Clippers. Derozan is the most star player of “Chicago”, but all the same, overpayment is also noticeable in this transfer. Bulls has payment problems. $ 46 million until 2023 is due to Nikola Vuchevich, another $ 85 million in four years will receive Lonzo Ball. And the team will at least have to re-sign Avalanche – if not this year, then next. Zach is counting on a significant salary increase and hopes to receive at least $ 30 million a year. Chicago has finally completed the makeover. Due to the status of the lottery team, they had to overpay. This team is obliged to go to the playoffs next season, but the Bulls in their current form are unlikely to be real contenders for the title.

Miami were kicked limp in the first round of the playoffs by the Milwaukee Bucks last season (0-4). The Hit decided that the team lacked star power. The contract for three years and $ 90 million was received by Kyle Lowry, a sign-and-trade exchange from the Toronto Raptors . Large extensions of contracts received Duncan Robinson and Jimmy Butler , left of experienced Dwayne Dedmon , Victor Oladipo and Yudonis Haslem , signed veteran with championship experience Markieff Morris and PJ Tucker“Miami” has become a little stronger, but the replacement of Goran Dragic for Kyle Lowry is unlikely to radically change the status of Eric Spoelstra’s charges. “Hit” overpaid the age-old Lowry, but with a fortunate coincidence, they can qualify for the final of the Eastern Conference. Hardly anything more.

Dallas did not strengthen their squad in any way. A verdict for Luka Doncic’s champion ambitions

Dallas’ top priority this offseason was to renew the team’s top star Luka Doncic . As a result, the Slovenian received a supermaximum agreement for five years and $ 207 million. This is the largest guaranteed amount for the renewal of a newcomer in the history of the league. In addition, Dallas also offered a new contract to Tim Hardaway Jr. – he was given a four-year agreement for $ 74 million. In addition to two important re-signatures, the Mavericks did not strengthen the existing roster in any way.

Only the outspoken middle peasants have joined the team as free agents – Reggie Bullock of the New York Knicks and Sterling Brown of the Houston Rockets. The high-profile exchange involving Kristaps Porzingis , which Dallas had planned to hold this summer, never took place . Porzingis did more harm than good. It would be logical to try to exchange it for some other eminent artist. Considering that the Mavericks’ roster has practically not undergone any changes, fans of the club will hardly have to count on a sensation in the upcoming season. Only if Luke alone performs a miracle. But so far the situation looks deplorable.

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