Gundogan believes that Liverpool deserve the title


Midfielder Manchester city midfielder Ilkay gündoğan has expressed the view that “Liverpool” can be called the champion of England not playing out a game tournament.


The Premier League may be prematurely terminated because of a pandemic coronavirus.

“For me it would be fine. Need to preserve the spirit of sport”, — quotes Gundogan

The player of the German national team also noted that early completion of the season in the Premier League will cause a lot of controversy.

“In this respect there are different opinions. For clubs that had a very good season, it would be nice if it was canceled now.

On the other hand, clubs that do not play very well and maybe are in the relegation zone, obviously, is not satisfied”, — he said.

In the standings of the Premier League Liverpool is in first place with 82 points. Following Manchester city are inferior to the leader 25 points.

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