Guram Agaev: no One thought we could win “Spartak” and CSKA


After the match CSKA – Arsenal which ended with the victory of the Tula club (1:0), shared his impressions President “Arsenal” Guram Agaev and Daniel Lisova.


– How would you rate the game? – question Agaevu.
– When playing with five leaders, all thinks that we get minus 15 points. But we won two matches: won “Spartak” and CSKA. No one even thought that we will be able to do it. Now I went to the guys, thanked them, said that they are all well done and proved that are the real players.

– A few rounds of “Arsenal” does not drop below seventh place. Are you happy with these results?
– Our rivals began to respect, and when respect you, you have to keep. Until we are able to maintain this respect.

– In the fight for European Cup places to join the plan?
– If you play football, you have to think about it. And then as already happens.

– It is already known whether a serious injury Sergey Tkachev?
– He has damage to the back of the thigh. Most likely, he will only play next year.

In winter you are planning a major renovation of roster?
– Yes, we have plans to strengthen the team. I can’t say how many players we’ll get, but any transfers will be.

“Lutsenko gave a cool pass, and I had to get to the gate”

– How would you rate the meeting? – question Lisova.
We knew that CSKA is a bit strung out after the break and the main thing will be to endure the first thirty minutes. And the second half we always perform well. Today turned out well.

– Tell us about your hammered the ball. It was a simulated combination or you well feel each other with Lutsenko?
I can’t say that simulated combination. Just had a counterattack. People always ask us to run at maximum speeds. I ran Jack well have given the ball and I just had to get in the gate.

– How would you rate the first and second half?
– In the first I just entered the field, made just a couple of movements and sounded the whistle for the break, so I can not evaluate it. And in the second half we scored. Was a couple good moments. But CSKA they also had. We defended well, waited and won.

This is the second resounding victory, you have defeated “Spartak”. How would you rate the last part of the championship?
– Normal period was. We with “Zenith” played well, and with the “Krasnodar”.

– There are no disappointments from the fact that your team is pretty low in the standings, but nobody big has not lost and conceded quite a few?
– I would not say that the seventh place is low. Last season we were ranked sixth and it was a record club. We are now up to this point, remained just one point. While almost all teams we have played.

source: “Soviet sport”

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