Habib-second, and a fighter without a kidney: 10 facts about the heroes of the UFC in Moscow


© GREG BAKERБой in the octagonХабиб-секундант и боец без почки: 10 фактов о героях UFC в Москве

The third UFC tournament in Russia will take place on Saturday, the second time the show will take Moscow. RIA Novosti tells interesting facts about some of the participants of the evening, among them not only soldiers, who will take to the octagon, but the ring-girls, as well as the reigning champion of the lightweight division, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Russian Lincoln

In the main event of the evening will be Packed of Magomedkerimov is one of the leading fighters of our time. Contender possible contender for the belt at Featherweight will be the Kelvin Catcher from the United States.

Perhaps some Americans in this match will even sympathize with Magomedkerimov, because it is called Russian Lincoln, the resemblance to the 16th President of the United States. The fighter told me that knows of this comparison and refers to it calmly.

Rival Volkov was accused of domestic violence

Soglasny event of the tournament will be a battle of heavyweights Alexander Volkov and Greg hardy. A fighter from the USA is quite picturesque figure, because he has a professional career in American football.

However, there is in the biography of hardy and striking negative moments. So, in 2014, the athlete was convicted of domestic assault and received a suspended sentence. Two years later, hardy has run into a new incident: he was arrested for possession of cocaine.

Khabib Nurmagomedov in the corner brother

The Russian champion of UFC Habib Nurmagomedov at the tournament in Moscow is not just the guest of honor, but also a team member of one of the participants. 31-year-old will take on the duties of his second cousin , Abubakar Nurmagomedov, which debuts in the promotion of the fight against German David Zawada. Also in the corner of a referendum would be glorified trainers Javier Mendez and abdulmanap Nurmagomedov’s father Habib.

© RIA Novosti / Nina zotina / go to photo BankHabib NurmagomedovХабиб-секундант и боец без почки: 10 фактов о героях UFC в Москве

In addition, Abubakar Nurmagomedov, November 9, the first fights in the UFC will hold two more Russians. In the preliminary fights in the octagon debut, the Middleweight Roman Kopylov, a rival of which will be American Charles Roberson, and main card fight between Brazilian Cleanem Abreu opens the light heavyweight Shamil Gamzatov. Both Russian athlete currently do not have lesions in his career.

A soldier with one kidney

A feature of the body is the opponent for Nurmagomedov fight in Moscow. Currently, it does not prevent David Zavada fully train and fight. However, the German is on the verge of dismissal from the UFC, as they both lost their fight in the promotion.

The first Russian battle League

In Moscow for the first time the UFC will hold a fight between the two fighters, representing Russia. A new page in the history of promotion will open Handoko Sergei and Rustam Khabilov. They will perform in the preliminary card within the Welterweight.

From drugs and theft to the UFC

Perhaps, in the card of any tournament you can find a fighter with a difficult childhood. Among the participants of the show in Moscow in this context stands Roosevelt Roberts, who in preliminary fights will fight with lightweight Alexander Yakovlev.

The mother of the American left the family due to domestic violence, so that he often lived with friends and acquaintances. In his youth Roberts made a living selling drugs and stealing, which even led him to a correctional facility for minors. Life Roosevelt changed the birth of a daughter at the age of 19, after which he began to build a career in mixed martial arts.

The only Yakut in UFC history

The evening will begin with single combats, the Russian Grigory Popov. Athlete, who competes in Bantamweight, became the first Yakut in UFC history, and his transition into the promotion caused a considerable resonance.

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Григорий Попов(13-1) подписал контракт с UFC и дебютирует 8 июня на турнире UFC 238 в Чикаго. Гриша был первый боец чьим менеджером я стал чуть больше 4х лет назад, когда у него было пару боев по мма, а у меня не было никакого опыта в этой сфере. Он поверил в меня, а я поверил в него. Почти 2 года шли переговоры с UFC. И вот теперь когда я уже сам начал сомневаться что это получится, пришел контракт от UFC. В 35 лет боец из небольшого поселка в Якутии осуществил свою мечту. Надеюсь это вдохновит каждого двигаться к своей цели #всемусвоевремя #tigermuaythai

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Alas, the debut Popova turned bad: in June, the athlete was knocked out American Andy Vinland. First win in the UFC, the Russians will try to get in a fight with the Brit, Davey Grant.

The second female fight in Russia

After Popov and Grant in the octagon will be participating in the second fight of the UFC on the territory of Russia. Perhaps you have lost sight of the battle the Australians Jessica-rose Clark and Iranian women of Pani Ceased, the more he will be the only tournament without the participation of local athletes.

Harmonious duet ring-girls

Continuing the theme of girls in the tournament in Moscow is worth to mention ring-girls. Saturday’s show will decorate an experienced Lucian Andrade Carly Baker, who repeatedly worked together.

Moreover, these beauties worked on the first UFC tournament in Russia, also held in Moscow. Then the Brazilian and the British in the Russian capital is like, so they probably returned with joy and will share with the audience.

The tournament will begin at 19:00 Moscow time on “CSKA Arena.” Live broadcast of the show can be viewed on the UFC channel TV (platform Wink), fighting Volkov and Magomedkerimov live show REN-TV.

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