Happy to run when Messi walks. The main thing from the big interview with Mbappe


Happy to run when Messi walks. The main thing from the big interview with Mbappe

The French edition of L’Équipe has released a long interview with PSG striker Kilian Mbappé. After the failure at Euro 2020 and the disruption of the transfer to Real Madrid, the striker has not yet spoken to journalists so textured and frankly. But, in his own words, people must find out the whole truth. Below are the key remarks of the 22-year-old striker – about the failed move to Spain, criticism of the fans, Messi’s transfer and the future in the national team.

About unwillingness to renew the contract with PSG and the disruption of the transfer to Real

“I honestly told management that I needed time to think. Before the Euro, I did not want to renew the contract, and then I decided to leave. I understood the importance of everyone benefiting from my sale. And my club had the opportunity to find a replacement. And then everyone would be happy, and I continued on my way.

Thought my Paris adventure was over. I really wanted to play somewhere else. I have been here for several years, achieved a lot, and leaving was the next logical step. I’m attached to Paris, it’s true. But I wanted to go to Real Madrid.

I didn’t want to leave as a free agent. But the club eventually decided not to sell me. Okay, no problem. I continue to play in a team where I was happy for four years. These are balanced and thoughtful words.

Yes, I was a little disappointed, but there was no time to think about it too long. I came back from Euro, survived this situation, and then scored. After that it was all over. “

On the possible extension of the contract with PSG

“I’m not a hypocrite. And I will not behave accordingly, say: “I don’t know what will happen next.” This summer I showed my desires, I wanted to leave and create the best conditions for the club. Right now, my future is not my priority. I’ve already wasted a lot of energy this summer.

Now I’m really happy. I respect the club and myself too much to relax even during one game. For two months we have not discussed the renewal, exactly from the moment I said that I wanted to leave. But you know perfectly well without me that yesterday’s situation will not necessarily repeat itself today or tomorrow. Things change quickly in football. If I had been told that Messi would play for PSG, I would not have believed it. So my future is open. Every player has aspirations. And the footballers’ careers are not so easy. “

Mbappe was booed by his own fans. Here is his answer to them

“You know, in their place I would have behaved the same way. People read the news, but did not know the whole truth. And in my head there was no offense, I definitely didn’t think: “How can they whistle after what I did for them ?!”. No. I took it as attachment. They didn’t want me to leave, so it’s important.

When we talk about rumors, I mean at least the information about my refusals to renew the contract. I allegedly turned down six or seven offers. Nonsense. They also wrote that I refused to talk to Leonardo. But this is also not true. I was told that the president of the club would deal with my issue. And I never refused to talk to him. “

About summer transfers and the arrival of Messi

“Awesome transfer window! We have strengthened decently and are ready to fight for all the trophies. However, there are injured, the players leave for the national teams. Due to many small problems, we were not always in shape. And only with “Manchester City” they played a match in which everyone played at a decent level.

I was very worried before Messi’s arrival. As a team, we talked only about him, but at the same time attracted several great players. I always said that I want to play with such players, now I got it. Now our task is to unite, become a team and win trophies.

When there are so many great players in a team, a compromise must be sought. You can’t be the only star. You are all together. But when you have Messi on your team, you need to let him do a little less so that he keeps a fresh mind and uses all the opportunities. This is not a problem, there is simply an established hierarchy. I’m happy to run when Messi walks. You understand, this is Messi! I enjoy every moment when he is around. This is a real privilege. “

On criticism in the French national team

“I have never charged a single euro for the French national team. I will always play for my national team for free. And I never wanted to create problems. But there came a point where I felt that I was starting to be a problem. And other people began to feel the same. They said that the national team lost because of my ego, that I wanted too much, therefore, without me, the team could have won.

The most important thing is the French team. If the French national team is happier without me, I’m ready to leave.

I met with the President of the French Football Federation, Noel Le Greux, we discussed this. I was unhappy, because they called me a “monkey” for a missed penalty. This shocked me. However, I do not deny that this is my mistake. But I could get more support. Of course, I did not require this. I understand that immediately after the defeat, everyone is very disappointed. I asked you to pay attention to the words about “monkey”.

It’s all over now. I love the French team very much. “


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