Harry Kane is terrible. What happened to England’s best forward?


Harry Kane is terrible. What happened to England’s best forward?

Tottenham lost to Arsenal in the North London derby, receiving three own goals in the first 45 minutes of the match. This is a disaster – especially considering that Arsenal at the start of the season showed, to put it mildly, not the most amazing football. Arteta butchered Nunu without a chance. And yes, Arsenal have finally shown what it means to dominate.

However, Arsenal had a bonus. England’s best forward Harry Kane has produced two seasons of the killer series with himself in the lead role after Euro. The first season was called “I’m leaving Tottenham” – in the final the hero remains in his home club, and everyone is happy. The second season, I Am Baye Jibi Fall, is on right now – Kane is terrible, tormented and searching for the meaning of Tottenham’s game.

Seriously, Nunu is in dire straits. After a brilliant victory over Man City in the first round (1: 0), the team had an extremely dim segment. If we managed to squeeze out minimal wins with Wolverhampton and Watford, then – 0: 3 from Crystal Palace, 0: 3 from Chelsea (there was a good first half, but then Tottenham collapsed) and 1: 3 from Arsenal. Kane returned, but it seems that things only got worse with his return.

In the summer, Kane was supposed to go to City, but Grilish’s transfer changed everything.

You know the story about the active interest of Man City. Pep Guardiola , for example, spoke out as openly as possible that he would like to see Kane in the squad: “Many clubs would be interested in this transfer, and we are no exception. We are very interested in Kane. “

In early August, Kane, after a three-week vacation, did not appear at Tottenham’s base. On August 5, Nunu made a very strange comment: “We must first solve the problems, and then I will talk to journalists. This is not a situation that I would like to comment on. I think this should be decided within the club. ” On the same day, Man City closed the £ 100m deal for Jack Grealish .

Obviously, the sheikhs would hardly have pulled another expensive transfer for delivery. Therefore, in the following days, Tottenham changed Kane’s rhetoric – they say that the late exit from vacation was planned initially, the player is training and gaining shape. It is not so important what actually happened to Kane – was going to Man City or just resting after the Euro (remember, England reached the final). But he missed the Tottenham preseason. Naturally, this influenced the set of the form.

Not only Kane is bad, but the whole Tottenham. Now they complement each other

For 5 matches of the Premier League at Kane – “0 + 0” on the system “goal + pass”. In other tournaments the situation is slightly better – a double against Pacos de Ferreira in the Conference League qualification and a goal against Wolverhampton in the League Cup. Here Kane has enough class. But in the Premier League, the level of resistance that Tottenham is facing is much higher. And if earlier Kane looked great even against the background of Tottenham’s disassembled game (remember the second half of last season), now he is just cooking in a common soup. The same Song Heung Min creates a lot more sharpness in front.

Kane’s numbers for five games are lost even against the backdrop of a wider sample from last season. In it, Kane averaged 4.01 shots per game, gave 1.42 key assists every 90 minutes, had 0.64 xG90 (expected goals in 90 minutes) and 0.22 in xA90 (expected assists in 90 minutes). ).

It would seem that one of the most involved in the attacking game of football players should show decent numbers on the minimum sample (only 373 minutes). But now the situation is as follows: 2.17 hits per game, 0.72 key passes every 90 minutes, 0.28 xG90 and 0.08 xA90. For Kane, these are nightmarish numbers. The apotheosis was the match with Crystal Palace, in which the striker never touched the ball in someone else’s penalty area.

Everything here could be attributed to the restructuring of Tottenham and the arrival of a new coach, who has not yet managed to find an optimal balance. Indeed, Tottenham have colossal problems with an attacking game – in terms of expected goals in the Premier League, they are in the penultimate place (5.47 xG), behind only Norwich.

Harry Kane is terrible.  What happened to England's best forward?

The defense is also rotten – in terms of the total severity of the allowed chances, Tottenham (11.14 xGA) are ahead of only four teams (Arsenal, Newcastle, Leeds and Norwich). Nunu’s balance problems are obvious. When such a defensive load arises, the team has less strength and ability to get something ahead. By the way, an interesting point. So you ask – what are the claims to Kane in defense, if he is a striker? Answer: for example, Arsenal’s third goal came after Kane’s loss in the wrong side of the field. In total, he had 12 derby losses – the worst record in Tottenham.

Last season, Kane was critical to the team – he sank deep, clung to the ball, promoted passes, rarely made mistakes in possession, fought well. Kane’s elite set of qualities allowed Tottenham to attack destructively, even taking into account the defensive style – this was especially evident at the start of the season, when, under Mourinho, the team jumped to the first line in the table.

Kane opened between the lines, developed attacks with clever passes, and threatened other people’s goals within and outside the penalty area. Now Tottenham do not have such a tool – simply because the striker is not in shape. Plus the overall balance doesn’t provide support for Kane.

Nunu is experimenting – against Chelsea, for example, he put Kane on the left flank of the attack. Tottenham pressurized the rival, and the approaches from Kane’s zone could only be extinguished with a bold safety net from Tiago Silva. But in the second half, Tuchel changed the scheme. Chelsea seized the initiative – Kane disappeared.

And even if Kane has moments, it turns out like this:

What’s next?

Kane now has one task – to get in shape and give the team a quality boost ahead. Kane’s poor condition exacerbates Nunu’s emerging problems. At Wolverhampton, the Portuguese coach was remembered for his competent work on building a counterattacking game. Wolverhampton did not use aggressive pressure like Leeds or Liverpool – the team simply expected a loss from the opponent and ran off in quick lunges.

Last year’s Kane, who often played deep and personally deployed Tottenham’s counterattacks, could ideally hit Nunu’s structure. But not yet. From here come the coach’s experiments with pressure (with Chelsea in the Premier League and Wolverhampton in the League Cup) and changing the roles of individual footballers. This kind of creative quest will not hasten the return of “normal” Kane.

There is one more important nuance. The Daily Express reported that Man City would return to the Kane version in the winter. Guardiola still needs a forward. Moreover, before the match with Chelsea (1: 0), Pep made another bold hint: “We had Aguero for many years, but, unfortunately, last year he had a lot of problems due to injuries. We coped without him, but we did more with him on the field than without him. We have exceptionally good players, but we don’t have specific weapons like Manchester United, Chelsea or Tottenham.

True, Tottenham’s weapons are silent. Maybe because in the winter, Kane will still change the club?


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