“He acted despicably”. Mayweather knocked out an opponent who was not ready to fight. Video


Vanity haunts Floyd Mayweather. The former world champion in five weight classes, even in my 43 years wants to know he’s there and constantly discussed. Recently it became known about another possible exhibition match in Japan. In addition, Floyd has hinted that he would not mind a second fight with former champion of UFC in two weight categories with Conor McGregor.

“The championship,” recalls one of the most controversial victories of the great boxer, won in September 2011 in the confrontation with Victor Ortiz. 24-year-old Girl at the time owned a belt in the Welterweight division by the WBC and corrected was considered a rising star of professional Boxing, which before the duel with Floyd first coped with Lamont Peterson, and then took the title from Andre Berto.

Ortiz in the first round worked actively, Floyd, in turn, reads the actions of the opponent to neutralize his maneuvers in the future. In the second half following a three-minute Mayweather was systematically failed by the opponent and reported to the blow by blow. Primitive assaults performed by the Victor to such masters of defense as Floyd, the danger is not carried.

«Он поступил подло». Мейвезер нокаутировал соперника, который не был готов к драке. Видео

With every minute, and round the advantage of the favorite became more tangible, and Ortiz began to take the nerves. During one of their “cavalry” mounts, when Mayweather calmly defended from the ropes, Victor, as if in despair, intends butted the opponent’s head and immediately feeling guilty if began to hug Floyd and even kissed him. The referee correctly pulled it off and removed the offending point. The culprit is not rested.

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When the fight resumed, Ortiz began to apologize and tried to hug Floyd. He played up to him, shook his head and then struck a killer deuce in the jaw. Ortiz fell to the canvas and failed to get to the end of the reference the referee, it was a clean knockout. Thus, Mayweather produced one of his most controversial and dirty victories. Formally, Handsome nothing was broken, but from a moral point of view, it seemed very ugly.

After the match, Floyd explained his action by the fact that the boxer should always be alert and on the defensive. Some truth in this, but still this does not justify the former champion in five weight categories. To protect the winner stood his father and a number of athletes who rests on the fact that the rules of Boxing Floyd is not violated. But it was sufficient and those who are extremely aggressive perceived the act of handsome.

«Он поступил подло». Мейвезер нокаутировал соперника, который не был готов к драке. Видео

One of the main critics of Mayweather made Manny Pacquiao and his trainer. Freddie roach was brief and harsh in its assessment: “He acted despicably”.

Mayweather after the success spent on a professional ring seven matches (excluding the fight with Conor McGregor) and has won such top contenders as Miguel angel Cotto, Saul Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao. But the career of Ortiz was in fact broken. After the hardest knockout he suffered two consecutive early defeats, and outright average.

Next was two wins over gornemann again early defeat, another success in the battle with the know-Neumann and draw with the once formidable Devon Alexander. Now Ortiz is only 33, but he hasn’t been in the ring for over two years and it is not clear whether we will see him again someday. One thing is certain, the beginning of the end of his career, Victor does not put the most beautiful act in the performance of Floyd Mayweather.

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