He knocked out his opponent with a flying knee and celebrated in the style of Cristiano Ronaldo


He knocked out his opponent with a flying knee and celebrated in the style of Cristiano Ronaldo. Video

On the night of August 7-8, in the city of Houston (Texas, USA), the UFC 265 tournament was held, where in the main battle the interim heavyweight title was won by Cyril Gan , who beat Derrick Lewis . However, in the prelims, there was a duel with a very bright finish in the first round between the Portuguese Manel Cape and the American Ode Osborne .

Cape is the ex-champion of the Japanese organization Rizin, from where he was lured to the UFC. On account of the Star Boy (this is the nickname of Manela) 15 wins and 6 losses. Moreover, he has 10 knockout triumphs, which emphasizes his strong side – the work in the rack. Although this did not help in any way his performances in the organization of Dana White, which began with two defeats at the start. First, Manel lost to Alejandra Pantoe by unanimous decision. And then he lost by split decision to Mateus Nicolau. So Cape was on the verge of leaving the organization, especially since he was placed in early prelim. It is worth noting that the fight with Osborne was the third this year.

Ode Osborne at the time of the fight with Cape also had two fights in the UFC, and in one of them he won. The overall statistics are also good – nine wins and three defeats. The Jamaican Sensation (Osborne’s nickname) got into Dana White’s organization thanks to a victory in his Challenger Series, beating Armando Villareal. Unlike Cape, Osborne possesses not only a knockout punch, with which he laid four opponents, but also a good wrestling base, in front of which as many opponents could not resist.

Despite the fact that Cape went on a streak of two losses, bookmaker analysts saw him as the favorite of the fight. Star Boy began to justify this status from the start, winning episode after episode, showing faster speed as well as a better sense of distance. And this despite the fact that Manel is inferior in anthropometry. Osborne could not aim and catch the right rhythm in any way, in connection with which he had to resort to such a non-standard move as catching a foot in the fall. But Cape was too nimble.

For most of the round, the fighters studied each other, hovering a lot and intensely over the canvas and throwing punches into the air. But by the end of the first five minutes, the taller Ode began to hit more often and take a third of the fight to his piggy bank. However, it was the turn of a non-standard move from Cape. Manel quickly closed the distance and hit the flying knee exactly in the head of the Jamaican Sensation, making a splash in the last minute of the round. Ode crashed onto the canvas, where he was immediately finished off. Therefore, the referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

Thus, Manel Cape won his first victory in the UFC and celebrated it in the style of his great countryman Cristiano Ronaldo. We hope that this is not the last outstanding performance by the ex-champion Rizin.

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