“He lies and holds on to his shin, let me hit him again.” Mighty knockout low kick


“He lies and holds on to his shin, let me hit him again.” Mighty knockout low kick

On the night of August 13-14, the PFL 7 tournament was held, where in the main event Rory MacDonald was defeated by Ray Cooper III by decision. However, in the prelims there was a much more fleeting and spectacular fight between Kyron Bowen and Michael Lombardo .

Bowen is a nominal kickboxer with all nine wins ahead of schedule. However, the American has six defeats, which explains his presence in prelims. In addition, Kyron went on a series of two losses, one of which suffered from the Russian Magomed Umalatov. Therefore, he needed to close at least one of them.

For Michael Lombardo, this is his debut fight in the PFL. He is an athlete for the American Top Team, which is the seal of quality. Lombardo has a good record of 11 wins and 2 losses. From well-known organizations, he previously played in Dana White’s Candidates Series, but failed to qualify for the UFC. Unlike his opponent, Michael walked with a streak of three wins. Therefore, it was he who was the favorite of the fight.

Don (Lombardo’s nickname) began to confirm his status from the first seconds, taking the center of the octagon. The favorite worked as an active number one and was not disturbed by the difference in anthropometry (5 cm lower in height and leg span than Bowen’s, and 15 cm shorter in arm span). Michael immediately felt the distance, which Kyron failed to do, because of which he had to fight back at the net. Therefore, the underdog was looking for happiness even at close range, but Michael Lombardo cleverly closed.

Despite the almost equal score of hits, the advantage in the first round was on the side of the more active and collected Lombardo. But this was not enough for him, and Michael sent Bowen down with an accurate low-kick. The PFL debutant decided not to climb the mount, but instead grabbed the opponent’s leg, punching it a couple of times with his fist, and then letting him get up.

And half a minute later, Lombardo repeated the low-kick, again sending Mamba to the canvas. But this time Bowen screamed in pain, clutching his leg. Don was taken aback by this for a second, but without receiving instructions from referee Gary Copeland, he struck on the injured leg again. And Bowen screamed again in pain, after which Copeland finally stopped the fight. Kickboxer Kyron Bowen suffered the third defeat in a row, and the most painful in every sense. And Michael Lombardo made a successful debut in the PFL.

Immediately after stopping the fight, Lombardo approached the defeated opponent and apologized to him. After all, Michael is partially to blame for Bowen’s injury, because before punching the leg of a lying opponent, the referee asked Mamba “Are you done?”, But did not have time to get an answer, because Lombardo hit the leg again. It’s not exactly a gentleman’s act to finish off a defeated fighter, but Copeland did nothing to protect Bowen.

In the comments to the video, the knockout attacked the referee and Lombardo.

“Stop the fight” is the most obvious comment.

“He lies and holds on to his shin, let me hit him again,” said one of the fans. Although it really was.

“Doesn’t crying out in pain equate to surrender?” – a logical question from one of the Instagram users.

“Late stop” – such a verdict was made by another user of the social network.

Nevertheless, we wish Kyron Bowen good health and Michael Lombardo’s bright and undisputed victories.

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