“He removed part of the skull”. Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev after the battle, in critical condition


American doctors are doing everything possible to save the life of the Russian athlete.

28-year-old Russian Maxim Dadashev tonight in Oxon hill (USA) held a match against the Puerto Rican sabriana of Mathias. It was rating fight for the IBF

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The battle ended after the 11th round. Dadasheva corner stopped the fight. After the fight, Maxim went to podtribunnogo room, but couldn’t make it to the medical staff. He vomited, lost consciousness and fell. He left the room on a stretcher.

Later he was taken to hospital and currently he is in critical condition. Doctors believe that the athlete’s brain swelling.

Dadasheva spent craniotomy – surgery of the hole in the bone tissue of the skull with the purpose of access to the cavity.

ESPN journalist Steve Kim reported that the athlete had surgery.

“The operation lasted two hours. He removed part of the skull to remove brain swelling. What happens next is unknown,” wrote Kim in his Twitter.

The second Maxim Dadasheva said that once wanted to stop the fight, but the boxer refused.

“Can’t convince him, although I tried before the 11th round. He is very much missed. A lot of strong shots. In the middle of the fight I thought, my God, it is necessary to do something. Any strike could be a real bad guy. In the end, we stopped the fight after the 11th round, I didn’t care, he was mad at me, but it had to be done,” says buddy McGirt.

Rival Maxim – Sabriel Mathias is also very upset because of what happened.

“He is a great boxer. I believe that with him everything will be fine. He’s a warrior. I wish him a speedy recovery.”

Maxim Dadashev

Athlete before the match against Mathias had never known defeat in his professional career. He scored 13 wins (11 by knockouts).

Dadashov is the winner of the Championships of Russia and member of the European games in 2015, the Master of sports of Russia international class. Acts in weight category up to 64 kilograms.

source: “Soviet sport”Read on:“He removed part of the skull”. Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev after the battle, in critical condition

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