He will not play, but he will take $ 33 million without a twinge of conscience. Simmons’ ugly behavior


He will not play, but he will take $ 33 million without a twinge of conscience. Simmons’ ugly behavior

Training camp kicks off in the NBA next week. The Philadelphia 76ers will come up to him with an incomplete squad. Point guard Ben Simmons categorically refused to continue working with the team . Interest in the player is attributed to several teams from a small market, but the Australian has not yet been exchanged. And where he will continue his career is still unknown. For sure, only one thing is clear – we will not see Ben in the Sixers uniform.

Attempts to get rid of Simmons in “Philadelphia” began after his crushing failure in the last playoffs. The player with a $ 177 million contract was more of a problem than a benefit. The defender without a throw, who is afraid to attack the ring in the fourth quarter, had to be removed from the court at the decisive moment of the match. As a result, a flurry of criticism fell on Simmons – relations with the club’s management and coach were completely ruined, an exchange was requested, the bridges were burned.

Simmons no longer intends to play for the Sixers. He informed the management about this at the end of August and has not been in contact with the team since then. The club tried to persuade Ben to stay and try to increase his value in the exchange market, but Simmons himself said that he did not consider it necessary to do so. He made it clear that he was not interested in returning to the team and was not even going to try to fix the situation. At the same time, Ben is ready for all possible consequences – deductions, withholding of wages and fines.

For each missed day of training camp, the Sixers may be fined $ 227,000. The same amount will be paid for missing the preseason meeting. Thus, Simmons risks losing $ 1.3 million a week. However, this will not cover even 40% of his salary costs. On July 1, Ben already received his 25% (approximately $ 8.25 million), and the same amount will be paid to him on October 1. Even if Philadelphia fined a player every week, that’s only $ 5.2 million, plus $ 900,000 for four missed meetings. Total – only $ 6.1 million against 16.5. The remaining half can be recaptured if the same $ 227 thousand. Simmons continues to pay during the season. The 82 missed games will cost him $ 18.5 million. This, of course, will only be relevant if Ben cannot be exchanged. And there is still some demand in the market for it.

The most likely options for the continuation of Simmons’ career were called “Minnesota”, “Cleveland” and “Sacramento”. Now Houston is showing an active interest in the player. And the point, apparently, is not so much in the desire to get the Australian, as in the desire to exchange John Wall . As sad as Ben looks with his throw, he is six years younger than Wall, who at 31, moreover, has already suffered a rupture of “crosses” and Achilles. He has played just 113 games in four years and will earn $ 11 million more than Simmons over the coming season.

At the same time, it is not entirely clear why Wall is needed by Philadelphia. It is hard to believe that he will be able to be useful, being on the same site with Joel Embiid.

To this day, Ben remains a headache for Philadelphia. This whole situation with the training camp, fines, exchange – solid problems on the eve of the upcoming season. Leaving Simmons on the team on a huge contract is in no way possible. This, in the first place, is extremely unprofitable, even if he is fined for each missed game. But there is nowhere to change it and there is no one for anyone. In any case, if the management of “Philadelphia” does not reduce their requests. And the club would be better off hurrying up – every day the value of the Australian in the market will only decrease.

I would also like to say about the ugly behavior of Simmons himself. He will not play, but he will take $ 33 million for the 2021/2022 season without a twinge of conscience. Yes, he will pay the fines, but he will still be in the black. Ben completely forgot about such qualities as professionalism and respect for the organization that gave him everything. The Sixers have rewarded the player with a generous contract and have been very courteous to him for the past 5 years. What did you get in return? Unwillingness to develop their own attacking game and blatant ingratitude. It all started with an alleged resentment against head coach Doc Rivers, who questioned Simmons’ ability to be part of a failure. Reasonably doubted after a complete failure in the playoffs. The best response to the coach’s words would be to work on the shortcomings and prove your own worth on the court next season, but this is not about Ben.

Simmons is still interesting to NBA clubs because of his defensive skills and playmaking, but the Australian’s work ethic should already make serious clubs question the need to contact him. The owner of the Golden State Warriors has already stated bluntly that Simmons is not suitable for the team. All that remains are desperate outsiders like Houston, Cleveland, Minnesota and Sacramento. The chances to fight for the title are zero. Simmons is unlikely to be happy to be there. Perhaps it will throw another scandal in a new place. Either way, Simmons can only blame himself for his current position.


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