Head of the Union of MMA Russia: “Better let the girls train in the gym than spend time in the bar”


The head of the MMA Union of Russia, Radmir Gabdullin, spoke about the idea of ​​including fights among women in the last Russian mixed martial arts championship.

– How was the process of including women’s MMA in the national championship program?

– Not so easy. Several times the regulations of the fights were not approved, as a result of which they had to be finalized. At one of the meetings of the commission of the Ministry of Sports, Odes Khasayevich Baysultanov (deputy head of the Ministry of Sports in charge of martial arts) gave us a trial period of a year so that we could demonstrate how popular and in demand female MMA is. If successful, it will be entered into the registry.

– When did you realize that it was time to get busy with women’s MMA in Russia?

– When I came to the next world championship and saw how many women compete. I thought: since this has already become an integral part of IMMAF competitions, why should we lag behind, give up positions, deprive ourselves of the chance to win medals? Especially when messages from girls come from all over Russia asking to give them the opportunity to perform. From one region came a collective letter from three girls, from another – from ten, from the third – from 20. Every day the number of requests only increased. Moreover, everyone is watching the UFC, Bellator tournaments, in which women are active. Take the same Valentina Shevchenko, who has achieved tremendous success in professional MMA. She is a flagship and an example for many girls.

– How do you yourself feel about women’s fights?

– Initially, I was against it. But when he was convinced that it was necessary, he took up the issue 100%. Better let the girls train in the gym than spend time in a bar or similar establishments. Perhaps mixed martial arts will become a kind of social lift for them.

Vera Buga (up to 47.6 kg), Diana Naydenova (up to 52.2 kg), Lyubov Salnikova (up to 56.7 kg), Daria Tereshchenko (up to 61.2 kg), Nina Kharinova (up to 65, 8 kg) and Daria Pirogova (up to 70.3 kg). 

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