“Headshot”: a controversial knockout tournament EFC 81 angered the social network


© Photo from Instagram user nyambinoБой in the octagon"Выстрел в голову": скандальный нокаут на турнире EFC 81 разозлил соцсети

At the tournament in mixed martial arts EFC 81, which was held in South Africa, has been one of the most spectacular knockouts of the year.

Fight local fighters Asiago Tshitamba and Billy Ustawienia prematurely ended with the victory of the first. In the second round of Tshitamba held a direct kick to the head and the opponent slowly began to fall, losing consciousness.

The winner decided to celebrate the knockout to mimic a gunshot to the head. Combat sports fans disliked this gesture, considering that Tshitamba was disrespectful to the opponent.

“I have nothing against the celebration of the beautiful KOs, but here he went too far”, – said in Twitter, one of the lovers of martial arts.

“I agree, it’s too disrespectful. Professional athletes in front of everyone and they should be an example for others,” believes another witness of the fight.

“Is it possible to ruin an almost perfect knockout? Yes, it is,” fumed another user of the social network.

“I want the winner of the battle suffered a crushing defeat in the next battle, because that is disgusting behaviour”, – angry another viewer.

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