“Holes Tim” medals are not supposed to. Team USA defeated the French in the 1/4 world Cup


This match Dongguan in the Chinese ended with the victory of France with the score 89:79. American NBA stars suffered their first defeat in major tournaments since 2006.News SMI2

No sensation in this. So, a little surprise, nothing more. In the summer, when participation in the championship refused 15 pieces of American stars, “Soviet sport” renamed their team from the Dream Team in “Holes Tim” and called the main candidates for future winners of the USA national team Serbia and France.

The funny thing is that the French are now also played so-so. It was a match of two not very well-coordinated teams, quite often reminiscent of the checkpoint meeting the regular championship of NBA. No clear interactions there was no smell. Solid streetball, not three-on-three and five-on-five. None of the players did not even five assists. Both parties mainly attacked individually.

Instigators-snipers Donovan Mitchell and Evan Fournier broke up, think, draw. The same decisive trump card in favor of France became a different person, who also scored a lot, but won this quarterfinal not in the opponent’s half, but on his own. This man’s name is Rudy Gobert, and he is a center. The best expert NBA defense the last two seasons.

When many (and I do) say that in modern basketball, the fifth “numbers” is not so important, we mean primarily the attack. The defense is the real center is still weight in gold – especially if it is able and flexible to change when barriers on the arc, and the old-fashioned way to insure cover under a basket. This Is Gobert. Against him the Americans have not found a clear objection.

Although the main factor I still would call them a detachment, nedostroi. They just don’t understand what is the world Cup. Because smeared penalty in the last minute when the chance of rescue was still. All that team USA has already passed in a null, at lost the 2002 world Cup, the Olympic games-2004 and the 2006 world Cup. But see since forgotten, re-believed in his invulnerability after a series of victories.

The French were leading almost the entire match. For the first time at “+10” they reached in the third quarter after a distant shot foul by Nicolas Batum. Although the Americans quickly established the chase and soon they had “+6”. Just then came a protracted ending, the battle for an important victory. And only one of the two teams understood how important this victory is.

Nando De Colo, has just passed in “Fenerbahche” after five years at CSKA, today especially did not Shine. It wasn’t his game, not from Europe. Although spent 25 minutes and honestly converted their penalty 9 out of 10. Now poor Americans are waiting for the consolation matches for places five through eight, and the French semi-final with Argentina. To predict the outcome of which I, oddly enough, does not undertake.

The fact that of the remaining teams – France, Argentina, Spain and beating on an equal footing right now with the Czech Republic, Australia, this world Cup can win anyone.

Championship of the world. 1/4 finals

USA – France– 79:89 (18:18, 21:27, 27:18, 13:26)

USA: Mitchell (29), Smart (11), Walker (10)
France: Fournier (22, three 4/8), Gobert (21+16 rebounds+3 blocked shots), De Colo (18), Nikolina (11)

source: “Soviet sport”

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