Holyfield as the victim? Boxing grandfather is thrown under the fists of a hard puncher


Holyfield as the victim? Boxing grandfather is thrown under the fists of a hard puncher

Exhibition fights of veterans are gaining popularity – the duel between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. collected an excellent box office, despite the dubious refereeing. In the United States, they know how to count money: success must not only be repeated immediately, but also multiplied. The streaming organization Triller took up the fight, the poster of which hit the heart of boxing fans – Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield . Alas, the meeting fell through due to a murky history, where all parties accused each other of violating agreements. Triller filed a lawsuit against Tyson, after which she began to work out a new idea.

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According to the idea of ​​the service, now representatives of different, albeit related, sports were supposed to fight. Former champion in six weight categories, Oscar de la Hoye, was picked up by a mixed martial arts rival – the desperate grunt Vitor Belfort . The upcoming fight caused a huge stir, and Triller’s leaders were already rubbing their hands in anticipation of super profits, but then the coronavirus intervened – 48-year-old de la Hoya was hospitalized. Naturally, the participation of the Golden Boy in the duel was ruled out.

Well, not to cancel the fight entirely? The streaming organization already suffered huge losses due to the disrupted Tyson fight, it was unacceptable to lose money again. Therefore, Triller immediately remembered Holyfield, who trained hard for many months and prepared first for Tyson, and then for Kevin McBride . The failure of two battles in a row was a great disappointment for the veteran: perhaps that is why he, without hesitation, agreed to go out on short notice with Belfort. But there is one problem.

Vitor Belfort is one of the most dangerous punchers in UFC history. The Brazilian has won 26 MMA fights, of which 18 ended in knockouts. Now the Phenomenon is 44 years old – not the most militant age, but the conditional Fedor Emelianenko, being even older than Belfort, continues a full-fledged sports career. But Holyfield, against the background of the Brazilian, looks frankly old – the American will turn 59 in October! At this age, it is supposed to babysit the grandchildren and practice Scandinavian walking, but not go into the ring under the punches of a puncher, who is almost 15 years younger.

When the 58-year-old Holyfield planned to fight the 55-year-old Tyson, there were far fewer reasons for concern. No matter how much “dynamite” Mike and Evander have in their hands at the peak of their careers, it is already difficult to turn off the light with one blow closer to the seventh decade. In addition, both veterans, despite their enviable physical condition, would inevitably get tired by the middle of the battle. Thus, the health risk was reduced to more or less acceptable. It would be an equal duel between two aging men, albeit with a good punch. What will happen now?

The California State Athletic Commission, where the Belfort vs. Holyfield duel was originally scheduled, has refused to license such “lewdness.” But in Florida, Triller’s leaders found complete mutual understanding: the organizers were only required to shorten the fight to eight rounds, limit the length of the round to two minutes and put the fighters in oversized gloves. The only question is whether these precautions are enough to keep Holyfield safe.

Alas, while there is a complete feeling that the aged legend is openly being slaughtered, so as not to lose potential profit. Belfort is not a professional boxer, but if he holds up in the first two rounds, Evander will have a very difficult time. The Phenomenon has the hardest blows from both hands, the ability to “cut” cruelly and, most importantly, age is on his side. Will Evander be able to defend normally in the ending when his strength is completely gone? The difference of 15 years may not be critical for a conventional 20-year-old and 35-year-old fighter, but here the situation is completely different.

It is completely unclear how Holyfield is now holding a punch, who last fought back in 2011. How will his jaw and brain react to Belfort’s “guns”? What will the smart guys from Triller do if Holyfield, God forbid, gets permanently damaged? It is clear that experienced doctors will be on duty in the arena, but there will definitely not be wizards there. Let’s hope that Holyfield will be okay following the fight scheduled for the night of September 12th. I don’t want anything bad to happen to the boxing legend. He didn’t deserve it.


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