How to win a car race on the Soviet “classics”


The cult heroes of the trilogy of Robert Zemeckis Back to the future time-traveled using the car. Heroes of the championship “Moscow classic Grand Prix” also look into the past, while remaining on the road of modern circuit. This is the international racing series for vehicles of the USSR and its “neighborhoods”, restored by enthusiasts. In the suburban ring of Volokolamsk ended the 4th season, which was attended by more than 100 pilots of different ages.

photo: Dmitry Lyubimov

As in any touring car class, there are strict requirements: the arc, the lack of sound insulation, fire extinguishing system, sports seat belts. Due to the fact that the cars, even the same brand vary in the amount of engines that have received a second life “iron horses” were divided into classes. In addition to the Soviet to the series joined the old, but iconic cars.

Nature itself has made the final race diverse: participants of all classes were waiting for 2 races a day for 15 laps of the track. And how on earth could it happen that if the first session was held on dry land, then exactly the second began a downpour. Of course, as in all racing classes, it is allowed tyre change on rainfall, although not all of it was stashed.

The age of participants not specified. Series is young, and has long made a name for himself pilots such as Edgard Lindgren, Leonid Protasov and Alexander Nuzhdin, Vladimir Cherevan, and others. The car “Moskvich”, known for the final scenes of “the Diamond hand” (“New model!”), the start took a friend and expert, “MK”, the repeated champion of the country on the kart Oleg Tregubov. Admittedly, he is not very lucky: 3 laps before the end of the first race at his 412-m, there was a destruction of the fan and the engine “boil.” But Oleg Ilyich still got a large portion of impressions and not going to stop. With a car AZLK struggle was equal, and thus had to Dodge heavy and broad “GAS-24”. “One of the racers after “contact” was half off the rear right wing, but the pilot remained in the race. The wing started to walk, I barely dodged”.

The inventor of the nostalgic series Alexander Smirnov, who devoted his life to cars, he participates in the race “Moscow classic Grand Prix” on “Muscovite”, adorned with rushing in the Soviet expanses of the locomotive.

— Difficulties were and will be. Without them can not do any form of Motorsport, whatever it was Amateur. Figuratively speaking, 20 hours a day need to work on the car and even in my dreams think about what could be improved. When we came up with this idea, confident that she’ll settle down, it was not. It all started with 4 cars of British manufacture in 2013, and this year at the start of the season was under 150! Of course, our series of Amateur, out of pure enthusiasm.

…First was mostly foreign cars, but, oddly enough, the momentum imparted to the Baltic participants. They are big fans of touring cars, but they are at home. And here’s the club had a championship with their rules, their traditions. 3 race for the year — a seemingly small, but let’s not forget that the people involved who did not turn in the race most of the work. And in our format, each stage is long-awaited.

According to the organizers, “classics” will remember the tradition of the Soviet Motorsport and to unite riders not only the former Soviet Union, and Germany, and in the future Hungary and other countries of the former Warsaw Pact.

— Now in the race, new, team standings, and in Nizhny Novgorod was made the Cup — Alexander Smirnov. Now we will attach the signs with the names of the winning teams the whole season. The participants very carefully considered points. You can chase expensive cars in the world, but we are pursuing another goal: to make the competition accessible for all who have a license, — says the interlocutor of “MK”. Machine bought almost for nothing, they had to work. But the success is not only a powerful engine, but also hard work and bright mind.

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