Htey: Kurkaev already feels like a leader of Russian national team


© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Song / go to banksIlyas KurkaevХтей: Куркаев уже чувствует себя лидером сборной России

Ildar Satdanov. Volleyball player Ilyas Kurkaev has already settled in as a major player of the Russian national team and feels the leader, said RIA Novosti Olympic champion Taras Htey.

The Russian team defeated the French team 3-0 in the first match of the group stage “Final six” of the League of Nations and reached the semi-finals. The best scorer of the Russians was the Central locking Korkaew, who scored 11 points.

“Korkaew greatly improved this season. Not only in his club but in the national team. He confidently stands in the start and feels the team’s leader. The Elias moves quickly across the ice, he’s in good shape now, a lot of blocks. Kurkaev good in counter attacks, it claims the least,” said Htey on the phone.

“As for the other block of Ivan Yakovlev, he needs to gain confidence in the stability of the flow. He also moves well and tries to keep up”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to Htea, the Russian team convincingly defeated the French. “We played well on the block, well done guys! There were worries for this match as before the “Final six” had a chance to rest Egory the Crutch, Dmitry Volkov, Viktor Poletayev. But no problems arose. No need now to talk about some places or chances. Our team must go from game to game. Further, the Russian team will check the match with the Americans. Still, the French have now not many of the team leaders, and the United States in the “Final six” is the strongest composition, they are the favourites,” said the Olympic champion.

“From everything is fine in our team, I mean the way she played and continues to play in the League of Nations. The guys relaxed on the pitch, that says a lot. The serve is such an element, when you need a certain mental attitude. The guys in the team feel good atmosphere in the team is excellent. The players of our team can take risks in the game, nobody forbids it. This team is able to fulfill all aims and objectives that put the leadership of the Federation”, – concluded the Htey.

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