“Hunter for retirees”. Beterbiev dared to say what many think about Canelo


“Hunter for retirees”. Beterbiev dared to say what many think about Canelo

Arthur Beterbiev is by far the most titled of the existing Russian boxers. He owns two full-fledged world light heavyweight titles – according to the WBC and IBF versions. But given its potential, this is far from the limit. The athlete himself dreams of holding unification fights and winning the title of absolute champion in his division. But so far, these plans have not been implemented. So, the WBO world champion Joe Smith, after winning the belt, suddenly stopped talking about the unification meeting with Arthur, and the WBA Super belt holder Dmitry Bivol is also in no hurry to compete with the formidable Chechen puncher.

The WBC, however, recently decided that Beterbiev should carry out a mandatory defense of the title from the encroachments of another middle peasant in the person of Marcus Brown . It looks like Arthur, at 36 years old, is pretty fed up with such fights. So he spoke again about meeting the main star of professional boxing, Saule Alvarez . Moreover, this time Beterbiev spoke in such a way that it could really hook the Mexican and force him to negotiate. Arthur dared to say about Canelo what many think about, but stubbornly remain silent.

What did Beterbiev say?

Arthur went live on Instagram and talked to his fans. When asked about a possible fight with Alvarez, which was talked about more than once, Beterbiev said that he was ready for such a fight.

“I said that I would consider this fight. I will box if there are no other pitfalls. Of course, I’m ready for this fight. Canelo is a very good boxer, technically very good, like a good fizukh. That is, I am ready for such fights, ”said Arthur.

But this was only the beginning, Arthur was asked again and again about Canelo. One of the subscribers explained why such a fight is impossible. In particular, the fan wrote that Alvarez will not fight for the Russians, as he is a “hunter for pensioners”. Arthur, on the other hand, agreed to this thesis. “Yes, I agree,” said the boxer.

In fact, by doing so, he questioned the significance of those victories of Saul, who are so fond of extolling overseas.

Further, Arthur noted that for such a fight, Alvarez must rise to light heavyweight, recalling how he had already done this for the sake of a fight with Sergei Kovalev. In general, Beterbiev subtly but painfully faked Alvarez and reminded him that in theory he should not be afraid to climb into the light heavyweight division.

Why is Beterbiev provoking Canelo?

Everything is simple here. Alvarez’s success in his career is primarily due not to his talent, which, of course, is, but to the management team. Saul was well led from the first fights and was rarely placed in a position where he could be called an outsider. So it is almost obvious that if Arthur challenges Alvarez to a fight in his own cultural form, then Saul and his team will find a hundred excuses not to accept such a fight.

Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that Arthur is simply provoking Saul, trying to offend important legacy issues, to hurt pride and thus start the fight. In the end, most observers understand that even Alvarez’s upcoming fight for the title of undisputed world middleweight champion with Caleb Plant is unlikely to significantly affect the Mexican’s legacy. Yes, becoming an absolute is cool, but who did Alvarez beat (beat) on the way to this title? Smith? Saunders? Perhaps Planta?

None of these rivals come close to Beterbiev. Everyone understands this and everyone would like to test Canelo in a fight with an opponent of the caliber of a Russian. By and large, Arthur dared to say what many people think. Of course, Saul hunts not so much for retirees as for easy targets, but this does not change the essence, the message is clear.

Will Beterbiev’s plan work and will he irritate Alvarez? The chances of this are more likely 30 to 70. On the one hand, Arthur himself is approaching an age when reflexes, reactions and speed will fade away, so that Canelo will be tempted to get even with the offender. On the other hand, Beterbiev is a tough puncher and is still good, so the caution of Canelo and his management may again prevail.

What else did Beterbiev say?

During the live broadcast, Arthur touched on a few more interesting topics. In particular, he gave a prediction for the duel of his old rival in the amateur career, Alexander Usik , whom he could not defeat. Arthur believes that the Ukrainian will not cope with Anthony Joshua .

“I think Joshua should win this fight. The only question is – will he win early or will the fight reach the end? There is a catch in this. But I believe Joshua will win the fight. He’s a real heavyweight. He fought with serious guys, for example, they had a good fight with Klitschko. That is, I believe that Joshua will win this fight. The question is there – ahead of schedule or on notes. This is what we have to see.

Usyk became the undisputed champion in the first heavyweight division. But the first heavyweight and the heavyweight are two different things. In fact, in general in the heavyweight division, if you do not have a punch … There is an opinion among experts that if you do not have a punch, then there is nothing to do there. Joshua has a punch, ”Beterbiev said.

The Russian also shared information about a possible fight with compatriot Dmitry Bivol . According to him, he heard that the team of the WBA Super title holder wants to organize such a confrontation. But at the same time, Beterbiev stressed that since the moment Bivol won the belt, no one offered him such a fight.

As you can see, Beterbiev continues to be avoided, and the entire light heavyweight division has been practically cleared. So we can only hope that Alvarez will really start up and react to Arthur’s words. At least, such a fight will certainly not be one-sided and will carry super-intrigue. Now the ball is on Canelo’s side.


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