“I feel it’s the best job in the world.” What rejoices boxer, fights the loser of 276


We are all accustomed to the fact that the most promising boxers begin their journey in the professionals with the so-called bag-type diet. Promising newcomers hone their skills on an experienced and many times broken carnimeo. Ultimately, prospects turn into star contenders, or even Champions, but gernmany continue his unenviable job of serving as a kind of bags for young fighters. In this article we will tell about the most unusual of these fighters, fights the loser of 276. Meet Reggie Strickland.

Early career

Reggie Strickland was born 4 September 1968 in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA). Information about his Amateur career is not preserved. However, as a Pro he made his debut early enough, it happened when the guy was not yet 19 years old, in January 1987. The first pancake turned out lumpy, Strickland conceded the decision of judges Ellery Thomas. In the second match Reggie managed to cope with Thomas Burton and it might seem that it still has prospects, but eight defeats in a row in over two years was given to understand that Boxing is not a fad Strickland. He probably didn’t want to believe it and only increased the frequency of their fights.

«Я чувствую, это лучшая работа в мире». Чему радуется боксёр, проигравший 276 боёв

Reggie “Professional loser” Strickland

The ban on the fights and name change

The first unsuccessful series was interrupted in April 1989 in a fight with Willard Johnson. However, that victory points did not changed the route, which followed the career of Strickland. It was clear that he had become a hopeless cordimana. For the remaining 8 months of 1989, he spent the next 13 matches and they all lost. Given the frequent defeats on the Strickland eventually began to prohibit conduct fighting, as in some cases it was necessary to wait the mandatory 60-day break after the misfires. But Reggie managed to circumvent the prohibitions and played under assumed names, traveling around the country on the mobile vans, and taking a very peculiar way of life. So, he appeared in the ring under the alias Reggie Bucy and Reggie Raglin.

Meanwhile, in the States of Ohio, new Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois Strickland brought in the “black list” forbidding him to speak. The same fate was waiting for him in Nevada. All this was due to the unwillingness of the Athletic commissions to take responsibility for the health and life of worn-out boxer.

Then he largely concentrated on performances in Indiana, where he provided support. Moreover, in 2000, he managed to win the title of state champion by defeating Jerry brown, for him it was the 50th anniversary of the victory, thus at the moment in the passive boxer was already more than 200 defeats (!).

In the end, his professional career he completed in 2005 when his track record was listed 66 wins, 276 losses and 17 draws. For 18 years of his career he had the opportunity to meet with such powerful rivals as Tavoris cloud, Cory Spinks, Raul Marquez and others.

«Я чувствую, это лучшая работа в мире». Чему радуется боксёр, проигравший 276 боёв

Reggie “Professional loser” Strickland

Why do you need it to Strickland?

It is obvious that after the first dozen defeats Reggie knew that professional Boxing is not the sport in which he was destined to reach the heights. However, he continued to get in the ring and fight. Why? The answer was terribly simple – money.

Strickland never made for fighting a large amount. By his own admission, fees, on average, ranged from $500 — $2000. The highest amount that he got for the fight was $3500, but that was enough to live on.

“I know my body. Know what it can handle. When I fight, think about their children. It’s for my kids, for my home. I earn in a year $20-25 thousand, just answering calls. I feel that it’s the best job in the world — just pick up the phone and make 2-3 bucks” — shared Strickland.

Of course, someone will object that this work probably took Reggie all health. But thank God he’s fine. His face is not disfigured terrible injuries, and we are clear and conscious. Apparently, he really knew the features of your body and understand when to wave the white flag. It should be noted that with the huge number of defeats, he “only” 26 times lost prematurely, which is also significant.

To summarize let’s say that even though Strickland was not a millionaire and do not have anything outstanding, he was able to go down in history. Needless to say, if it fights major broadcast channels, including HBO. So we can assume that he doesn’t even mind his nickname Professional Loser (Professional loser). At least his story is going to pereskazyvat more than a dozen years.

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