“I have all the gestures I know from childhood”. What did coaches say after a match “Spartak” – “AK bars”


Press conference after a victory “Spartaka” over “AK Bars” (6:3) came out of the fire.

– Look, how many at us was, – was indignant the guest’s coach Dmitry Kvartalnov. – These moments in a few games enough. We are guests scored three goals, they should be enough to win. We wanted to win.

This reaction was followed by the innocent question of a planned economy of forces the winners of the Eastern conference that are not stated in match five of the main players.

The helmsman “Spartaka” lamented the removal of:

– We are before the playoffs they trained majority-minority.

And then the TV reporter asked what many wanted.

– Oleg Valeriyevich, what kind of gesture you showed. One we already know – “sore throat”…

– What kind of gesture? Yes, I knew all the gestures – Znarok started to burn.

The question of his teacher-the celebrant Vladimir Yurzinov few seconds calmed Spartak coach.

After leaving the meeting room, Znarok decided to explain to the television tete-a-tete. With the doors closed. Do not think wrong: fights never came.

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