“I look thin, but I have enough strength.” Musashi gave the American a real thrashing

“I look thin, but I have enough strength.” Musashi gave the American a real thrashing

On the night of August 14, the Bellator 264 event took place in Ancasville (Connecticut, USA) at the Mohegan Sun arena. Russian MMA fans were primarily interested in the fights of compatriots – Andrei Koreshkov and Magomed Magomedov .

The Storm club fighter, who once owned the Bellator championship belt, has not played in American promotions for more than two years after being extremely unfairly defeated by a controversial decision. There were a lot of reasons – from more frequent injuries to visa problems. A lot of Russian fighters are now facing them. But Andrey’s return turned out to be bright and extremely convincing. We believe that the Spartan will be able to once again get to the title chance.

But another Russian got upset himself and upset the fans. Magomed fought a classic fight for himself, he did exactly as much as was needed to win. After a difficult first round, Tiger rehabilitated himself in the second, but in the final five-minute Stots managed to counter and take a dominant position on the ground in one of the episodes. It was a fight between two contenders, and the judges decided the title chance for the American. It’s incredibly insulting for Magomed.

Well, the tournament was crowned by the confrontation between the reigning middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi and the first number of the rating, John Salter . And the first minutes of the fight gave hope that this time the Dutchman with Armenian roots would be given a real fight. The American quite quickly transferred the champion to canvas and demonstrated that he had serious gaps in wrestling technique. Although, now the fact has never been a secret to anyone.

But already in the opening of the second segment of the fight, Geghard turned on his striking technique at full power and gave the challenger a fair beat. The referee of the fight Dan Miragliotta was vigilant about the state of John, it seemed that the beating could stop at any moment. But an experienced guard of fighting rules gave the American a chance to recover during the break and continue the fight.

And Salter continued … Not for long, though. It took Musashi a little more than two minutes to finally incapacitate his opponent. And then Dan decided not to risk the athlete’s health by stopping the fight. Geghard is assimilating into the role of a champion, which is not new for him.

“I am much stronger than people think,” Musashi said after the fight. “I may look thin, but I have enough strength. There were certain difficulties with Salter, because he is left-handed. It was harder to hit him, but I felt good and solved the problem. “

Back in early 2021, the fight between our Anatoly Tokov and Geghard was real . It was in July that we counted on him. But visa problems in the United States thwarted those plans. And then there was Austin Vanderford, who intervened between the Russian and the Dutch. After the main battle of Bellator 264, the matchmakers gave a direct hint that Musashi’s next defense would be with her husband Vanzant.

True, it’s time for us to cancel this remark. Austin has won five wins since signing Bellator and fully deserves his chance. “I am very happy to go to the title fight with Musashi and put myself to the test,” Vanderford said.

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