“I lost everything and taksovat”. The inspiring story of the pilot, overtaken Hamilton and Vettel


To get into Formula 1 is the dream of almost every young pilot, the competition is extremely high. Those who manage to break out, become stars and give out hundreds of autographs at every Grand Prix. But for those who failed to reach the “Big prizes”, much less is known, although often they are invested in their career not less time and effort.

Once Franck Perera was the most promising French pilot, he already had a contract with the team in Formula 1, there is little doubt that the guy prepared for a great future. But Perera did not get into the world Cup and trying to get a place nearly brought the rider to depression. However, Frank did it, returned to competitive Motorsport and told his story.

Rival Hamilton

Franck Perera has passed from karting in the “formula” in 2002 and the following year became the champion of the Italian Formula Renault 2000. Then followed a couple of seasons in Euroseries Formula 3 (not to be confused with the current f-3) and fourth place in 2005. Behind, for example, was Sebastian Vettel, and the first three places then took Lewis Hamilton, Adrian Sutil and ahead of the franc within a point of Lucas di Grassi. A real breakthrough for Frank was a contract test pilot “Toyotas” and the transition in the GP2 series (now Formula 2). Actually, then began the first problems.">

During this period, Perera returned home to his parents and began to recover. Improved their health, was to go to a psychologist. “When you start to think in a positive way, it seems that things will get better,” he says. And then there was sudden: one of the gentleman drivers in the French GT championship invited Frank to join the crew. Perera agreed, although at this point not played for two years.

New life in GT

“I never watched the GT race, says Perera. — When you’re trying to break into Formula 1, you don’t pay attention to other sorts of races. So when I got in the car, totally lost. And immediately told the team that I will need time to adapt. In Friday’s training session before the first race of the French championship in 2013, I’ve lost a lot. In the evening I studied the video and data reminded himself that once was good, and in qualifying was second — almost got pole! Then I realized that I would be able to return if I do everything right.”


“The feeling that I have lived in Motorsport a few different lives. I started very young, and have experienced in France great pressure because he was the first after Alain Prost, who has won everything. After GP2 I had a great career in America, I got a lot of experience. And now I am wiser, much more appreciate what is around, adds pilot. — I’m not afraid that tomorrow would end my career because I built my life — its present and future. I’m not trying to get rich, I really am a pretty simple person. And I’m happy again”.

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