“I’m so proud of him.” Karasev won a great match for the UEFA Super Cup


“I’m so proud of him.” Karasev won a great match for the UEFA Super Cup

The Russian team of referees led by Sergei Karasev worked out the UEFA Super Cup match between Chelsea and Villarreal. This game took place at Windsor Park Stadium in Belfast. Before the start of the meeting, our judges once again ignored the Black Lives Matter action – they did not kneel in support of the campaign against racism.

By the way, Chelsea, as expected, supported the Black Lives Matter campaign, but Villarreal’s players, on the contrary, did not kneel.

Chelsea fans hoped that Karasev would help Roman Abramovich’s club . Here are some tweets on the topic:

“Let’s hope that Roman has a Russian judge on his salary.”

“The Super Cup judge is a Russian …”

“I thought the Russian referee would help the Roman Empire.”

However, Karasev was objective and did an excellent job with his work. During the match, he and his assistants kept the game under control, not afraid to make difficult decisions.

For example, at the end of the first half, the Russian showed a yellow card to Rüdiger . The German defender played the ball, but by inertia flew further and crashed into an opponent. Karasev clearly explained to Ryudiger that, according to modern rules, his action is regarded as a foul. Coach Thomas Tuchel argued with the decision of our referee – Karasev quickly reassured him too, writing a warning.

After 120 minutes of the game, the Russian referee recorded a draw, and in the penalty shootout he carefully watched so that the players did not break the rules and clearly set the ball on the “spot”.

Some users on social networks noted the high-quality refereeing of our team of referees. There was also a tweet:

“Russian referee in the UEFA Super Cup. I am so proud of him, he is a good guy and on the whole he performed well at Euros. “

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