“I was transported 20 years ago”: as Alonso has lost his memory


Shocking confessions of a famous pilot “Formulas-1” Fernando Alonso, the Spanish press publishes authoritative. According to the double world champion, after the accident at autodrome “Catalunya-Montmelo” in Barcelona it felt like a kart driver, and in the court for him was… 1995.

photo: AP

The interesting thing is that the incident during the official pre-season tests almost no coverage. And it’s hard to say who shielded Alonso from getting on the front pages of Newspapers: a personal Manager, a new career of the Spaniard, the team McLaren or even Empire, “Formula 1”, the credibility which was shaken after the terrible accident at the 2014 Grand Prix Japan Jules Bianchi and unhappiness with Michael Schumacher (Yes, race is nothing, he even went mountain skiing, associations are something!).

Still, after a few days after the accident, there were reports that Alonso was involved in a severe crash, he lies in the hospital, and starting in the world Cup Grand Prix of Australia March 15, will be missed for sure. The international automobile Federation (FIA) in charge of including the “Formula 1”, said that it will deal with the incident, to continue to exclude their possibility. Safety above all else. Now it is reported that shortly after the accident, Alonso, in principle, does not lose consciousness, has experienced the phenomenon of “time machine”, and the memory took it in 1995, when the pilot was taking part in karting, and to the first winning of the title he had for 10 years!

The same “tricks” were tested in different years, Mika Hakkinen, Rubens Barrichello, Carl Wendlinger and other formality victims of major accidents. The latter, having formed in 1994 on the site of the Monaco Grand Prix in the tunnel, recorded a piece of that moment before, how to survive clinical death, but later admitted: it was then decided that died.

According to doctors, the memory of Fernando was restored, and the treatment goes well. But the time of the accident he remember and could not. And this fact complicates both the activities of the FIA in the investigation of the incident (if they happen on the tests, then what can happen in combat?!), and the “mistakes” in the McLaren. Will only witnesses, but “black boxes” so to speak.

Fernando Alonso won both titles in the part of the factory team Renault in 2005-06, then went in search of better conditions and enhance their status in the team-the legend of Ferrari, where do the weather did not spoil, and a world champion could be at least twice, but luck of the draw (unlike the ex-partner of Kimi Raikkonen) did not wait. After the transition to “Scuderia” 4-time world champion Sebastian Vettel could do to stay out of work, but the McLaren, which opens a new page in its long history (the contract with minder Honda), invited quite young but already very experienced Spaniard to himself.

On the return of Fernando Alonso on the route of the message has not yet reported one. In Australia, senior fellow substitute Dane Kevin Magnussen, the reserve pilot British team.

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