“I wonder what other blow the judge was waiting for?” Miragliotta contemplated beating an American


“I wonder what other blow the judge was waiting for?” Miragliotta contemplated beating an American

On the night of October 3, the UFC Vegas 38 tournament took place in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). The evening turned out to be rich in bright events, and one of the most interesting fights was given to Devonte Smith and Jamie Mallarkey . Both fighters recently moved to the UFC, and the fight was another chance to prove themselves in the leading promotion of the world.

It was especially important to show the product on Mallarkey’s face. Jamie was defeated in his first two fights in the UFC. After that, he defeated Hama Worthy by TKO. And in a duel with Smith, the Australian fighter could even out his statistics. The third defeat in four fights could put an end to the career of a fighter in the UFC. He fought for himself and the league contract. And the Australian completely coped with his task, and even won a very bright victory.

The opponents began the battle without swinging. From the first seconds they began to unleash powerful blows on each other. Smith’s excellent left-handed jab was followed by a heavy kick from Mallarkey. After that, the opponents continued to exchange blows. Both managed to use their knees, and in the end Mallarky also had a takedown, but he failed to develop the advantage.

The second round followed a similar scenario, and such an exchange of blows directly hinted that there would be a knockout in the fight with a high degree of probability. In a battle of roughly equal rivals, Mallarkey was more fortunate. Smith missed a devastating kick and was staggered. Then Mallarky rushed to the opponent, pressing him to the net. At first, Smith tried to resist and defend, but with each next blow Devonte slipped lower and lower. Once on the floor, he could no longer expose his hands to the destructive attacks of his opponent. Smith had no chance of being saved in such a meat grinder. As a result, the judge stopped the fight, and, as it seemed, he was even a little late with his intervention.

For a bright victory, Mallarky received a bonus. He was presented with $ 50,000 as an award for the best performance of the evening.

After the end of the fight, the fighter himself admitted that after starting failures in the UFC, he changed his approach to training. Jamie did not go into details, but emphasized that the preparation was different.

The Mallarks were supported by other Pacific fighters. Dan Hooker, who is to fight Islam Makhachev, was rooting for Jamie in the hall, being next to the octagon. And Alexander Volkanovski before the fight wished Mallarky good luck on social networks.

MMA fans also paid attention to this fight. In the comments under the video of this fight there were a lot of traditional comments about the referee. Many fans thought that Dan Miragliotta was staring at the beating of one fighter with another. After hitting the left in the liver, it was clear that Smith was not able to continue the fight on a competitive basis.

“I wonder what other blow the judge was waiting for? Which, besides dozens of inflicted ones, did Dan not see? Unhappy Smith no longer knew how to save himself , ”reads one of the most popular comments.


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