Nikita Mazepin: “I would like to do something jointly with the KAMAZ-Master team in the future


Russian pilot of “Haas” Nikita Mazepin spoke about his experience of driving the trucks of the “KAMAZ-Master” team. 

– Amazing experience. I was lucky to receive an invitation. There was an opportunity to become one of those unique people who have no experience of performing in Dakar. Driving these amazing super heavy, super steerable and fast cars was very cool. A truly memorable experience. 

There is such an aftertaste that I would like to do something together in the future. Perhaps perform on a different platform. Not on the track, but on the sand. Let’s see, I’ll hope. I came to their training base, tried a new Kamaz and a bonnet. I sat behind the wheel and practiced, ”Mazepin said on Match TV. 

On August 10, the “Master” series about the “KAMAZ-Master” team will begin on the Match TV channel. 

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