Ignashevich and Talalaev run. In the Premier League?


FNL. 10-th round

  • “SKA-Khabarovsk” — “Armavir” — 3:0
  • “Chertanovo” — “Tom ‘” — 1:1
  • “Neftekhimik” — “Krasnodar-2” — 1:0
  • Shinnik — Khimki — 0:1
  • “Mordovia” — “Nizhny Novgorod” — 0:1
  • “Torpedo” — “Yenisei” — 2:0
  • “Torch” — “Avangard” — 0:0
  • Baltika — Luch — 0:0
  • “Seagull” — “The Textile Worker” — 3:0

August 26, Monday

  • 16:00 “Spartak-2” — “The Rotor”

The match of the round

“Shinnik” — “Khimki” 0:1. The Moscow region team became co-owner of record of FNL: in 2013, the 10 rounds without a single defeat has passed the Tula Arsenal headed by Dmitry Alenichev. Considering that September 31, “Khimki” will accept “Spartak-2”, they have a good chance to make history.

On Wednesday, both teams successfully took the first hurdle in the Cup of Russia “Shinnik” took down “the textile worker” (1:0), and “Khimki” have crushed “avant-garde” (4:1). Alexander Pobegalov and Andrey Talalaev killed two birds with one stone, cleverly conducting these meetings in rotation. Of the compositions, starting the Cup matches, on Sunday at Yaroslavtsev from the first minute went only four, including “our everything” — nizamutdinova, who scored Ivanovo, Khimki and three. Surprisingly, but among them was not the author of a hat-trick in the game against the Kursk Daduna.Have talalaeva plan for the shaft. Lightning-fast start — one of his chips. How many he put the Mat in the opening! Could get under the hand and Shinnik, but Yashin 2 minutes, confirmed the reputation of the storm of penalty kickers, tightly taking a shot Kukharchuk after penalty demolished Troshechkin.

No wonder, then, that the account was opened only in the 47th minute. By the end of the first quarter of an hour Kukharchuk missed another iron chance, not calculating the trajectory of the tossed ball using Yashin, and before that “Khimki” have rescued Lantratov, spread-eagled in the dump at the gate after hitting Tskhovrebov. Football was something alive! Well, that “Khimki” had failed at the start of the first half, they did right after the break. Mobile Aliyev jumped out from under Pervushin, and then it would not have helped no Yashin, Lev Ivanovich even. And then the guests just took the ball under control.

Good, convincing victory, said Talalaev. — Fun to play with Alexander. Despite not being the best resource, he finds the tools in order to put pressure on the weak points of the opponent. In the second half, tried to open the right flank of our defense — came Pugin, Ektov, shifted back forward. All in one point. I have a claim to my players, but the team is growing. What claims? I don’t like when a team holds the account. The task of the coaching staff and the leadership of the club is to play more entertaining football. At the border, that doesn’t always work. My late arrival to the press conference stems from the fact that we looked a moot point. I showered to come up to you. Not in a tracksuit, not sweaty and not dirty.

Hero tour

Igor Lebedenko. “Yenisei” looks terrible. With the arrival of Yuri Gazzaev he seems to be startled, but against the “torpedo” to catch him with such a defense, there was nothing. In Sokolniki against “Spartak-2” 0:2 to 27 minutes, East street to 21st. 36-year-old Lebedenko skillfully used transmission Samsonov and Ryazantseva. Between the brace, the Maestro, the team was able to revive the intrigue, but “torpedo” was rescued by a young Kinyaikin. And in the second half, the team Sergey Ignashevich went to power saving mode, giving the team the initiative. But in the counterattack of black and white was much more poisonous. And Lebedenko hardly has not made a hat-trick. At Avtozavodtsev versatile pair of strikers: that Sergeev solo, his senior fellow.

From the first minute was to take the ball under control, — review for head coach of “torpedo” Nicholas Savichev. — We knew that Enisey is now finding his game and it has little what happens. Fast scoring, for 90 minutes we controlled the game. Of course, it should be noted Lebedenko, who made a double. He showed class in the episodes when it was needed. Performed, especially the first ball, breaking to the touch. And in the second case, understood. Speaking the language of football, put the ball into the bottom corner.

“Torpedo” and “Khimki” had a blast. Now the word “Rotor”, which will play on Monday.

Drama tour

The Luzhniki stadium. “Tom” is 98 minutes, most missed a victory over “Chertanovo”. The outcome has turned out incredible! In stoppage time off for a second yellow was removed the leader of the “devils” are Saroli, but the home is not confused: they went to the last attack and Tsypchenko kick desperation from outside the box drove the ball into the net. This episode radically changed the assessment, but we have to admit that the romanticism triumphed over cynicism.

9 out of 10 matches “Tomi” in this season, in the language of the bookmakers, was “grassroots”. 0:0, 0:1, 0:0, 1:0 — this is the results of the previous four meetings. For completeness of perception I will add that tomichi and “Krasnodar-2” scored and “the Rotor” missed a penalty. A great drought! Where here to turn around Chertanovo? To arrange the job Vavilina was only possible with the “standard” but non-standard moves, such as when the “scissors” beat Sarili. But “Tom” the nature of the game suited. She’s trained to be patient and wait. And on 63 minutes, caught by chance after a corner. Gorbatyuk is the third Central defender of the green-whites, who made a goal. Truly the strength of the defense. It seemed that to get to the hotel, but in life there is always a place for heroism.

— When we score in the last minute, like we should be happy. But we had three points — not scored, but the first “standard” in front of our goal led to a goal, — said Igor Osinkin. — After the conceded goal it was necessary to act more actively. Rival on this segment could break the game, break it into episodes. But overall a draw was logical.

The appointment of the tour

Alexander Dimidko. 33-year-old defender, even this season to have scored in Moscow “Ararat” returned to home “SKA-Khabarovsk”… coach. Unexpected turn in the career of the former player of the Moscow “Dynamo”, “Arsenal”, “Houston”, “Mordovia” and “Khimki”. Although Dimidko enrolled on a coaching course a few days ago to finish his football career he never planned. It all happened quickly: an hour before the match with “Armavir” Alex Poddubsky introduced the team bronze medalist of the championship of Russia-2008, as his assistant. Then he left the podium. Not notice of a man almost two meters tall was impossible. Fans came up to Dimidko, asked. Thought that the ex-captain SKA came to play… In the first half of the Liturgy he would not spoil.

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Why looked toothless “Armavir”, clear: Arsen Papikyan left home Kalmykov. 5th match in 16 days with heavy logistics — forward, distinguished in 6 games in a row, was given the day off. But CSKA creativity did not Shine. Until then, while in the 48th minute, Paul Shadyhanov showed on “point” when after a corner kick in the penalty area after a slight movement of a hand fell Kuzmichev. Moscow arbitr — known master at this part: as recently as August 10, was also angry the players of “Torch” in Nizhny Novgorod. “Armavir” after that crumbled like dominoes. Nice to get the second goal Kazaeva, in the summer of shutting the transmission of high school. Bringing the matter before the defeat, SKA got a positive before the far East Derby.

— I have kids in the locker room thanked for the quality of football, stated Poddubsky. — We started well and then adjusted to the speed of the opponent. The break is said to have added aggression, pace. It was necessary to score the first goal that the team spirit — scored. I am satisfied, if briefly. New Mazaevym? Tomorrow the doctors will look.

Lightning round

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Igor Portnyagin. Dmitry Cheryshev with a shield back from Saransk, where, because of disqualification was watching football from the stands. In malosolenoj the game “Nizhny Novgorod” beat the former team of their coach thanks to Igor Portnyagin that at the 69th minute cool jumped out from behind the defender after the transfer of Stavica. For the beginner Volzhan this is the 5th goal of the season. “Lower” is recovering? At least Portnyagin brought storm clouds from Cheryshev.

But steering “Mordovia” Murat Mustafin was grim:

— Gave the citizens of the territory, while they themselves tried to play on counter attacks. In the first half, the visitors owned a ball, but the dangerous moments at our gate have not created. But Vlad Adaev was able to score on the counterattack. After a break the picture has not changed. Missed due to errors in defence, we lacked the last pass. Need to improve your game. But if you do not open the application window, it will be quite hard…

Derby tour

Voronezh. “Vanguard” arrived at rendezvous with the “Torch” under the leadership of Oleg Vasilenko, who is acting head coach following the resignation of Murat Iskakov. Vasilenko year ago, by the way, could head of Voronezh under the former government, but left behind things and never came back. I think the leadership of the “Vanguard” will not force the destination, and look at “acting”.

It was the rendezvous of outsiders. A lot of running around, but little thought. Until the 86th minute “Torch” was closer to success. While themselves of Voronezh saved Ermakov, in an emphasis parried the blow with his head Zemskova. While the Kursk and its counterpart Chagrov we must pay tribute.

Figure tour

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Долгожданная победа! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 ⠀ Сегодня, 25 августа «Нефтехимик» в матче 10-го тура Олимп-Первенства России по футболу среди команд клубов ФНЛ в Казани с минимальным счетом обыграл «Краснодар-2» со счетом 1:0. ⠀ Олимп-Первенство ФНЛ. 10-й тур ⠀ «Нефтехимик» (Нижнекамск) – «Краснодар-2» (Краснодар) — 1:0 (0:0) ⠀ Гол: Макаров (51). ⠀ «Нефтехимик»: Голубев, Ситдиков, Ширяев, Потапов, Семенов, Канаев, Хубаев (Кайков, 90), Петров, Макаров, Шадрин (Галиулин, 74), Уридия (Гилязетдинов, 88). ⠀ «Краснодар-2»: Адамов, Ивашин, Бочко, Таранов (Григорян, 74), Стежко, Бородин, Мацукатов, Жигулёв, Халназаров (Кутовой, 54), Онугха, Сергеев (Гогличидзе, 72) ⠀ Предупреждения: Шадрин (61), Гилязетдинов (90) — Жигулев (61), Гогличидзе (90). ⠀ Судья: Алексей Амелин (Тула).

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8-th goal in the 8th match he scored a Prodigy “Neftekhimik” Denis Makarov. Debutant FNL did not quit the field without a goal. That was incredible! In game with “Krasnodar-2” it worked Uridiya: a snake crept along the byline and rolled the ball 21-year-old midfielder.

“East — West” tour

“Baltika”. “Be with the team!” — sounded the call of Kaliningrad, celebrated on this day, the 65th anniversary of the club. The game with the “Ray” was preceded by the concert of Noize MC, and the audience in the stadium were decent— almost 9 thousand. But, as often happens, the holiday has turned out sad. We must pay tribute to the “Beam” that is in opposition to the “West — East” stuck Kaliningradians in last year’s style. A very fresh round of goals. Tired: spent a fifth of the games for 16 days. Fly from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad!

“Hot water” tour

“The Seagull”. The club from peschanokopskogo at the start squeezed the goals dried up like a tube of toothpaste, but 5:2 in the Russian Cup against inter — though not from Milan, but the Circassian — has helped the players to gain confidence in yourself. As they say the TV commentators, went hot water. After a goalless first half with “the Textile worker” Dmitry Loecki showed a flair, releasing understudy Khokhlacheva. First he, and then Korotayev to 52 minutes clearly tripped in the penalty area. Well, finished off the Ivanovo Podbelceva.

Quote of the tour

Valentin Klimko, President of “Armavir”:

Let Egorov (head of the Department of sodeystvia and inspection of the RFU. — Approx. watch the episode and give it a rating. At the Bottom after the penalty assessment was? 12-th player hard to play. If Egorov say that everything is correct, so…. Well, then, right! My opinion is subjective. How would my team play, my players are the best and I will always stand by them. If I don’t defend them, then I’m from another club.

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