Ilona Korstin told what will surprise the audience with the upcoming all-star game


This Sunday, February 16, at the arena in Petrovsky Park capital will be held for the fourth Match of all stars of the League. What surprised the organizers this time, “RG” said the legendary former player and now Director-General of the League Ilona Korstin. Илона Корстин рассказала, чем удивит зрителей предстоящий Матч всех звезд

For the three-time European champion Ilona Korstin basketball no secrets. Photo: VTB United League

Let’s start a bit from afar. The all-star game will be the last big event on the calendar before the nearly two-week break, which will leave United League. How satisfied are you to date what is happening in the season?

Ilona Korstin: the Season is interesting. Everything is constantly changing. Several teams have the same ratio of wins and defeats and it is difficult to understand what will be the final composition of the eight playoffs. If we talk about pleasant surprises, I would have said, “Caleb.” With a modest budget, they showed a good basketball and give the result. Again “Yenisei”. From unpleasant surprises – the performance of “Zenit”. Euroleague women team misses the playoffs. This can be explained by the fact that it is very difficult to combine participation in the Euroleague and VTB United League, to play consistently at the same level. In addition, it is difficult to re-tune from one tournament to another.

Gala-the match is a good occasion for players and spectators take a break from the vicissitudes of the tournament. Than the current show will differ from the previous? What are your expectations from the event you personally?

Ilona Korstin: Waiting for the all-star game with enthusiasm. This time its leitmotif will be the subject of innovation. Our slogan – “the future is here”. So the lack of technological innovations will not be. Don’t want to reveal all the cards, but, for example, co-presenter Ivan Urgant for the first time in history will be a voice assistant Alice. Still we will have an interesting coating of the screen. A little hard to explain what it’s about, but you’ll see for yourself.

As you know, the audience in Moscow spoiled and demanding. How else are you going to entertain?

Ilona Korstin: all-star game is primarily for fans. Every year we try to come up with something new, different contests. In one of them, just like last year, we are giving away one million roubles. And that million will find its owner. Before to get it, you had to get in the ring with the centre. It is not enough to reach, so not so interesting. Now for some time the contest participants will need to make several throws from different positions. Who better to do it, he will win the prize. Still going to play the machine, sneakers, t-shirts and many other prizes. Contest rules updated on the website and in social networks. Will, of course, and a variety of activity. In the big break match will perform popular group IOWA. In General, we have everything so that the fans don’t have to think about how to pass the time.

This year is the first time you gave a “wild card” for legends to Sergey Monet from “Khimki” and Kyle Hines of CSKA Moscow, which were not included in the number of participants in the all-star game by voting. What is this step?

Ilona Korstin: When Sergey Monya were not included in the extended list of candidates to participate in the all-star game, in social networks began a discussion that went in the wrong direction. Like, how could you not take the mony, captain of Russia. But Moni was not in the expanded list, therefore, it is not the same as fans of “Khimki”. What we can claim? Then of course we began to discuss the situation in the League and came to the conclusion that Sergei is a basketball size, and it would be right to mark all his achievements. So came the same legends Wildcard. And in order to maintain a balance in the teams, similar to the invitation we issued to the captain of CSKA Hines. Why him, to explain, I think, is not necessary.

As before, the match will be held in the format of “stars of Russia against stars of the world”. At this point I think its optimal?

Ilona Korstin: We are constantly thinking how to increase the interest of fans. Maybe I can do two captains who will recruit their team. But while the current format is justified. First, basketball fans not so many opportunities to see live national team. Of course, the team stars of Russia – not quite the same, but nevertheless. Secondly, we have, in contrast to the NBA, saved the sports component. Russian basketball players are in all seriousness. They are motivated because the clubs don’t always get a lot of time. The Legionnaires another incentive. Foreigners, especially those who play in clubs from the capital, really want to get to the all-star game, to show themselves in first place in the individual plan. It is a kind of confrontation between team and individual.

Since the theme of the future you have the title, you are probably already wondering what the city could host the next all-star game?

Ilona Korstin: of Course, we already thought about this, bearing in mind the very successful experiments in Sochi and St. Petersburg. Make the all-star game would many. And Kazan, and Kaliningrad, and Krasnodar. But the question requires a comprehensive consideration. The all – star game- event costly. In Moscow, thanks to ticket sales, help from the city and sponsors we are able to recapture at least 90 percent of the spent. If it will work the same in another city – question. Arena in Petrovsky Park can accommodate 11 thousand spectators: where in Russia to find such size of a basketball court? Plus ticket prices Moscow (that did not stop last year to collect a full house). In any case, be limited to Moscow we are not going.

Why does the country need these games?

Ilona Korstin: a Match of all stars is not only expensive but also energy intensive. Especially considering the fact that all organized their own without the involvement of anyone from the outside. But it is necessary for the promotion of the League, for the promotion of basketball to the fans were happy. We want to show that basketball is cool, it’s fun and it is spectacular. Plus, we are examples to the clubs, show them how you can work with sponsors, what practices can be implemented. Here is an illustration: last year we held a contest “million dollar Throw”, so all the clubs have steel yourself to use it.

Finally, I have to ask you, as the repeated champion of Europe, prize-winner of Olympic games and world Championships. This year the Russian women’s team will miss the next major tournament, the Olympics in Tokyo. This reflects the real situation or is it a coincidence? And whether the current generation to achieve the same heights as yours?

Ilona Korstin: this is All very sad. Given the youth and cadet teams, I played for the national teams of Russia for 20 years. Behind us was the young players, who have complained that they do not have enough playing time and responsibility. But we went, and they never showed. And then there was a failure. A huge hole in a generation. Now we have a clear leader Fadeeva around which we can and need to build a new team. But at the same time, the game should not be built through the single-player. And yet, to my great regret, no result. Not qualified even to the Olympic qualification. Although the potential was. And the League did everything that they did. But it’s basketball, it happens on the Playground. Need to go out and prove it.

The format of the “stars of Russia against stars of the world” allows you to save sporting

Why do they not work?

Ilona Korstin: youth teams girls give a result, and in the adult basketball lost. This transition is critical. Honestly, when I watched the European championship, was so upset that she decided to start the Academy. Thought if we are to do something, you have to start with yourself.

When wait returns?

Ilona Korstin: It’s a long way. We in the Academy take six years. Children need to grow up, get stronger, learn basketball skills. But even now I can already see progress. It is important to continuously work on yourself, set goals and go for it.

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