Ilya Kovalchuk: “I don’t Jagr, another 10 years will not play”


Forward of the Washington capitals Ilya Kovalchuk touched on the topic of how long is going to continue to act.

— What will I do after ten years will finish his playing career? Well, what a decade! I’m not Jaromir Jagr. As long as you get pleasure from hockey, while high, will be playing. Most importantly — children. They grow older and are constantly pushing me: “No, do not complete career. Play on. We want to go to your games”. And I, of course, a lot of energy and pushes forward.

The older children I have follow all the news in these YouTube, surfing the Internet and know more than I about what is happening and when to resume the NHL season. They are a deal out of it. A huge thank you to my kids for the boost they give me.

I don’t even know what I want to do after hockey. Honestly. In fact, these two and a half months of isolation — a model of what will happen when I finish playing. Something like this will work at first, until I find myself somewhere else. I spend a lot of time with children, give them time. To go for their training matches. Well, more deeply even thought,” quoted Kovalchuk official NHL website with a link to the broadcast Yulia Bordovskih in Instagram.

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