In “Khimki”, doubt in the resumption of the Euroleague


General Director of “Khimki” Pavel Astakhov appreciated the likelihood of the resumption of the season in the Euroleague.

— The main question which bothers all fans of European basketball: is it worth it to finish the season 2019/20 in the current environment?

— There is a double situation. On the one hand, the club will incur a lot of expenses. This additional 5 percent of the annual salary of the players and the Charter to the remaining games, considering that now there are regular flights, and accommodation and food of the delegation of about 30 people during the month. A lot of money. In addition, if the season resumes, the matches will be played without spectators. And it’s not fully professional basketball, given that we always play for our fans.

On the other hand, we all long for basketball, and our team has the chance to show good result. Before the suspension of the tournament, we were in the playoffs, and there we waited quite a handy calendar. So to finish it would be interesting from a sporting point of view. But then again, it’s hard to believe. To collect 18 teams in one place, to hold the rest matches of the regular season, then the Final eight. All this in a quarantine when the players will not be able to gain a good shape. And if any of the players or coaches will receive a positive test. Then what to do? Break all, and again to send us home? In my opinion, it would be logical to record the results of this season and start preparing for the next.

Earlier, the President of Euroleague Jordi Bertomeu said that all the teams are set to play the remaining games of the season.

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