In RPL will not shifts due to coronavirus


In the Russian Premier League in the new season will be no postponements of matches due to the coronavirus.


This information was confirmed by Director of competitions RPL Eugene Savin.

“The important question for technical defeats. We wanted to enter the season with the same rules for such situations. The season is over, but coronavirus — no. Cases of infection, unfortunately, can be.

After discussions with the clubs and the RFU the vast majority voted for the abolition of transfers. It’s not the best solution, but it allows for a single approach for all.

If such cases are and the team will not be able to take part in the match, the FTC will include technical defeat. If the team can’t go out because of the coronavirus that causes withdrawal from the championship after two technical defeats will not operate.

It is clear that we have two reserve days and dates in Europe, but it would still lead to different approach in different situations”, — quotes Savina Sport24.

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