In spite of the pain. Medvedev came out in the third round, despite serious problems with his leg

Russian Daniil Medvedev came out in the third round of the US Open, defeating the Bolivian Hugo Delena. In this fifth racket of the world last year and a half of Seth fought not so much with the opponent, but with strong convulsions.

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– Sorry, buddy. I have really had seizures. For real. I’m embracing Delena after the game, Daniel said.

– I have seen. Happen. Just not lucky, sighed the Bolivian.

Of course, he was upset. Going to court against the fifth racket of the planet, Hugo is unlikely to seriously hoped that he would be able to impose the struggle. Given that this summer, Medvedev has played three finals in a row, taking the title in the “Masters” in Cincinnati. Sam Novak Djokovic called him one of the favourites in new York! And as against this fight when he takes 84th place in the rankings, on hard are so-so, and the basis for the U.S. and all broke for the first time?

The first set showed significant problems the Russians should arise. Giving exactly as much as necessary, Medvedev secured the advantage by making the decisive break and won the game – 6:4. The fight in the second was a little harder, but ended with the same result – 7:5 in favor of Daniel. Prerequisites to ensure that the situation is equalized or, even more, will unfold in the direction of Hugo, in principle, was not. The Russian fans have started to guess who will meet our tennis player in the third round? With Feliciano Lopez or Yoshihito Nishioka?

The trouble came from not waiting. Medvedev started cramping.

Getting a doctor to the court, which Daniel massaged the thigh, did not cause serious fears. In the first round, the Russians took a break so he kneaded the bottom of the back (to be exact – that below). But after admitted that he just felt discomfort, and thus be safe from cramps and spasms. There was hope that this one will, too. But it was Medvedev to rise and return to the court, as it became noticeable – it’s much more serious.

And, unlike Stefanos zizipus of that in the match with Rublev, too, was struggling with cramps, picturesquely writhing in pain in the pauses of the meeting, and after running around the court like crazy, and getting all the balls, Daniel really couldn’t hardly move. Hobbled, dragging his right leg. In moments of lotteries remained in place. And even file almost could not repeatedly sent the ball from below with your hands, just to have time in the allotted time (otherwise a warning followed by a fine point).

For all third party before the account 5:5 Delen took on the supply of Russian exactly two points. Two! But at this moment made a break – especially from the mistakes of the rivals. And after confidently filed for Seth. Medvedev did not resist – on the set point, failing to take the ball, immediately went to his bench, holding up the racket: “give up.” Hugo finished the drawing and extended the match. At least one party.

After all, Daniel decided to continue to fight. Although at some point I thought it’s removable.

Terrible pain is not a barrier to success, if you’re in the shower – a true champion. And Medvedev – is. To endure, endure and endure! And at the same time so improve your tennis, and not to move, but to continue to win points. Daniel decided. Daniel did just that.

Due to problems with his leg one of his main trump cards – the ability to move quickly around the court, taking any balls vanished, as at the click of Thanos. But the forehand, and most importantly – to the left, and the powerful presentation left under Medvedev. At the risk of taking on the flight, sometimes shortening, sometimes making short crosses, he little by little, gradually, but began to put pressure on Hugo. Which if he did not expect such a turn. And he was wrong. And most often to Daniel.

In the end, the Russians first made the break with the score 2:1. But… it did not hold his serve. Again won the game at the reception! And again failed to build on the success… With the score 4:3 in favor of Medvedev Delen lead 40:15 on his serve. And you know, the end? Daniel still did break! Is the third in a row!

And then on morally-strong-willed, in class, on the experience, diligence, managed to apply for the match. And won this match.

Tempered nature. In Daniel he is.

The question now is whether he can recover for a new meeting (against Lopez). It must go on Friday.

source: “Soviet sport”

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