In the final of the Cup of Russia on basketball will play clubs from Samara and the city


According to the results of knockout ties of the semi-final of the Cup of Russia on basketball among men’s teams, conducted under the auspices of the Russian basketball Federation (RBF), decided the participants of the decisive battles for the trophy. These were members of the super League BC “Samara” and “Temp-SUMZ-UMMC” from Revda. В финале Кубка России по баскетболу сыграют клубы из Самары и Ревды

Photo: Official site BK “Samara”

Recall the main features of the Russian Cup. In this tournament teams are not allowed to use on the site of the Legionnaires, though in the League they play for. The fight for the trophy were team United League “Parma” and “Nizhny Novgorod”, but they were eliminated after the quarterfinals. And finally, for the first time in the history of the tournament “Final four” is not carried out. The leadership of the RBF led by its President Andrei Kirilenko for a number of reasons feel the need to change the rules.

The current finalists of “Samara” and “Temp-SUMZ-UMMC” upset earlier, “Parma” and Nizhny Novgorod, respectively. However, one can argue that now they had much easier opponents. Although the area provided a comfortable margin in the first meeting of the quarterfinals, having dealt with the Yekaterinburg “Uralmash” – 70:61. In the return home game the reigning champion of the super League 1 at the beginning of the silver medalist of the world championship-1994 Igor Grachev, despite a bad start (0:9), in the end, did not leave opponents no chance – 88:68. The highest-scoring winners were Viktor Kashin (21 points, including five three-pointers), Vladimir Pechkurov (14) and Anton Glazunov (13). In the ranks of the Uralmash staff distinguished Michael Karpachev (22). By the way, the head coach of Yekaterinburg Oleg melashenko also has a silver medal of the world championship, only she was produced in 1990 in the USSR team.

– Not the best for us, the beginning was to be expected: everything was very concentrated, tight, and probably too customized, said at the postgame press conference head of “Samara” Igor Grachev. – Everyone understood the responsibility that nine points after the first meeting is not an advantage. So something did not work, and the opponent in the opening scored a good percentage of hits. But then we came to, and the game adjusted. Usually it is hard for us against a heap of protection, but scored 88 points. Most importantly, reached the final. And now we will try to achieve maximum results. Everything is in our hands and everything depends on us.

Took place during a match in the city of Revda, Sverdlovsk region with a population of 63 thousand people turned dramatically. Earlier the local team, bronze medalist of the super League 1 in season 2018/19, in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk lost to “East-65” quite a bit – 70:73. Of course the fans, “tenevikov” expected home rematch with a bigger difference in the score. Resdency briskly started (24:16 in the first quarter), but then the game was leveled. Increase your odds and be in the comfort zone the owners of the site does not work. In the final quarter, the team went with the score 58:50 in favor of the Urals.

For 2.20 before regular meeting time reigned intermediate total equity. The ingress of Sakhalin Alexander Varnakova allowed “Vostok-65” to reduce the gap to 69:72. Then accurate long-range shots exchanged Andrey Ivanov and the Russian far East, Ilya Syrovatko. The fate of the confrontation decided to intercept the player masters Victor Zaryazhko and his effective pass under the shield guest – 78:74. The audience was in raptures. Residents of Sakhalin remained about five seconds to change the situation, but the transfer from the sideline and did not find the target.

Team from Samara has twice took the Cup of Russia (2012, 2013), but it was the Red Wings, in 2015 uniting with BK “Samara”. As for the “Temp-SUMZ-UMMC”, the club twice reached the “Final four” of the Cup, and his best achievement was third place in 2016. Current qualified for the Superfinal is a good occasion to clarify a little-understood and even to some extent the mysterious name of the team. “Temp” is a sports complex which is the subject of the middle Ural copper smelter (SUMZ), part of the Ural mining and metallurgical company (UMMC).

The final consists of two matches: 27 Feb rivals will meet in Revda, and on 12 March in Samara.

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