In the spring, the Canadian lost a finger in battle. They sewed it, but now another trouble


In the spring, the Canadian lost a finger in battle. They sewed it, but now another trouble

Open fractures, bruises from a fist, faces in blood – there are enough shocking injuries in the world of MMA, but the case of Khetag Pliev is still exceptional.

Khetag was born in North Ossetia, but eventually emigrated to Canada, which he represented at the 2012 Olympics as a free wrestler. Not having achieved much success (in the asset only the bronze of the Pan American Games), he switched to mixed martial arts. Leo, as he was later nicknamed, debuted in 2015. He won four wins in a row, but switched to boxing – 5 wins and 1 defeat.

In 2019, Pliev returned to the octagon, and this happened in Russia in the ASA promotion. Khetag lost to the special forces soldier Vitaly Nemchinov by a split decision and suffered the first defeat in his career. Subsequently, the Canadian won another victory, and then tried his hand at the Cage Fury Fighting Championships, through which Aljamain Sterling, Kimbo Slice, Paul Felder and other famous fighters passed .

Pliev’s rival was American Devin Goodale with three professional fights. After the second round, the Canadian … was missing a finger on his hand. The second round ended with an open cockpit of the fighters, nothing said that something was going wrong. The doctor asked Khetag to open his palm, everyone saw that there was simply no ring finger on his left hand! The doctor just shook his head, explaining that the fight cannot be continued this way. As a result, it was declared invalid.

“The opponent was holding my glove, and my finger snapped. The judge did not notice this. And when the exchange of blows had already begun, the finger somehow broke and jumped out. In fact, he remained in the glove. After the round, everyone saw that the finger was not in place and decided to stop the fight. I was immediately taken to the hospital, my finger was sewn back. He actually kept on one skin, ”Khetag said later in an interview with TASS.

Doctors successfully sewn a severed finger to Pliev and, after several weeks of recovery, allowed him to return to training. And for the first time since April 1, he appeared in a cage. Initially, Pliev wanted a rematch with Goodale, but had nothing against the fight with the eminent American Na-Shaun Burrell, who has experience of playing in Strikeforce, Bellator and the UFC.

And this duel Pliev was accompanied by a strange incident. I even had to stop him when a large moth flew into the cage. Referee Eric McMahon immediately called for an end to the fight until the insect flies away. If you listen, someone even screamed in the audience.

As for the fight, the first round remained with the legend of Cage Fury Fighting Championships Burrell. He started the fight with low kicks and then made several combinations. Pliev intended to hold a takedown, but was unsuccessful, only managed to press the opponent to the cage. The first five minutes ended with a right uppercut and a left lateral from the American.

The second round began with an exchange. Pliev stepped up and still carried out a takedown. Burrell struggled to his feet after being pinned to the cage. And again Khetag brings him back to the ground, the second round for the Canadian. At the beginning of the third, it was clear that the fighters did not have much strength left. And yet the American looked livelier: middle kick, left hook, one hit after another. For the time being, the Canadian was enough, but he did not dodge another left hook from Burrell. Bright knockout!

“My plan is to win in the first round. This is what I want to do. Obviously, I want to finish it, I’m not going to fight for three rounds, ”Khetag said before the fight. As you can see, the plan failed on all fronts.

Khetaga is accompanied by a strange aura. Either a story with a finger, or an interrupted fight due to an insect. But now they began to talk about him, albeit at the age of 37. No wonder the Canadian fought with an eminent rival in the main event of the evening. It is unlikely that he will have to wait long for his next fight.

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