In third place in Spain, atlético and even Valencia. Then who?


A team without stars that plays in indoor soccer, the paranoid retains the compact and in any unclear situation fouls, can jump over your head – even in the championship, where we value ball control. But only once, then examined, and the problems begin. Getafe Pepe Bogalusa laughing at this stereotype. After the Example of these guys for the third year playing the same football every season better and achieve better results.

If all their success was local and limited to the lower half of the standings, then Getafe would not be a reason for the article. But everything is much more serious. Eighth place in the first season, fifth in the second (in the Champions League, the team competed until the last round), third now. Yes, the interim, but it doesn’t matter if to speak about the progress: a year ago after 23 rounds the team had seven less points. Given the games on two fronts (which always has small teams with short part) – great leap forward.

A year ago, we have admired the “Getafe” in the detailed text, it is worth reading to get to know the team. And today we will talk about how she manages to develop without money and despite the additional workload in the form of the European Cup.

To play the same way – but better

The same style does not preclude the development – on the contrary, in the fourth year of operation of Bogalusa (and third in the Example) Getafe was better than any of the past seasons, progressing in the framework of his style. Uncompromising defensive style even becomes more radical. This is evident in the numbers.

For the third year in a row at Getafe deteriorating the quality of the pass (66%, 64%, 62%). As usual, the result – with a margin the worst in the Example. Despite the fact that the team became a little more ball possession, short passes compared to last season has become even a little less, and longblob – a little more. This suggests that positional attacks despised in the suburbs of Madrid even stronger than before. The number of qualifiers increased from 16 to 22, and the index of PPDA, which considers the intensity of the high pressure (the lower it is, the more often a team prevents the opponent to play the ball), becomes lower for the third consecutive year and reached to 7.37, which is the best indicator in the Example. And the latest figures, which ironically proves that Getafe doesn’t change itself, – fouls and yellow cards. Their of 18.6 and 3.2, respectively. It is also more than a year ago, and more than any other team Examples.

На третьем месте в Испании не «Атлетико» и даже не «Валенсия». Тогда кто?

The Coach Of Getafe José Bardales

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Conclusion: “Getafe” the same as a year ago, not pressed to the gate, but more fights than passes, and hinder others play than playing myself. Strictly attacking through the flanks, and if blocked there, it goes to longball, again from the flanks. In General, all the same, but more efficient than a year ago.

The beginning of the season did not promise such success. Getafe’s only the 10th round pulled away from the relegation zone more than three points, and in the Europa League in four rounds only three points managed to pick up “Krasnodar”. It seemed that this is a typical disease of a small team, trapped in the competition and in front of the struggle for survival. The difference is that coach, “Getafe” Bardelas all this time actively rotate his small part and adapted beginners. Today he released the championship already 27 players – three more than king of the rotation of Zidane. Some of them deserve attention.


In April, striker Jorge Molina will be 38 years old. But this does not prevent him from being a key player of Getafe. He is the recipient of all around riding flows. Their team a little more than 16 per game – by the standards of the championship is a little, but when you consider how little Getafe have the ball, then each of these 16 innings immediately acquires additional value. He’s clinging to the ball, working the body and serves as a guide in the transition from defence to attack – and “Getafe” the speed of transition from defence to attack equal risk of attack. But Molina is not only useful tactically.

In the last round the team smashed strong, in fact, Valencia 3-0, and Jorge scored two very different goals. The first – typical, after the rebound on the rebound. The second is a masterpiece. He got a penetrating pass on the edge of offside, but the slow speed of his first with the defender. Molina saved the ball after a tackle Gabrielaand Kondogbia and of Jacobi he took an unexpected turn. Cool goal, which required not so much equipment as resistance to pressure, coordination and cunning. All these qualities he has.

На третьем месте в Испании не «Атлетико» и даже не «Валенсия». Тогда кто?

Jorge Molina

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Two newcomers from those that play a prominent role, came to the flanks. This area is important for attacks and pressure, because Getafe cf is not only he delivers the ball through the flanks, but the attacks of the opponent drives to the same. Compared to last season, Borduas replaced both wingers. On the right flank, Jason (hire from Valencia) shares space with several other players, and on the left is brilliantly revealed Cucurella (hire from Barcelona).

Compared to last season, which he spent in rent in “Eibar”, mark has dramatically increased in intensity and became much more influence on the game. In statistics this is reflected in small improvements in almost all indicators (except passing accuracy, of course), and most importantly – it is both in first place in the team xGBuildup and the second xGChain, it is equally useful in the initial and final phases of attacks.

Damian Suarez is as good as last season: he is the shadow of the playmaker, who is responsible for the delivery of the ball in attack, with great working pressure. In 19 rounds, he scored four assists (no one in the “Getafe” no more).

Eternal youth Molina and a great game of Securely led to the fact that the two quality players are left in stock. One Angel Rodriguez. He turned into superspace: made nine successful action in the League after the replacement. Portillo was not more fortunate. Remained as the understudy of Securely and time in Cup matches and the Europa League. And note Xabi Etxeita: he has not yet become an important player, but apparently will be. After the unexpected departure of the chief of Central defender Lele Cabrera (who for some reason chose sinking Espanyol) Etxeita will play. A couple of years ago in the “Athletics” it was quite intensive for energy-intensive style of Bogalusa with a high line of defense, whether he can do it now, have to check.

Why Getafe need to follow right now

In the next week the team are waiting for matches against Barcelona in the League and Ajax in the Europa League. And Barcelona look like a team that could in theory escape from the dense medium of the unit of pressure simply by cutting cool gear. That is, could hurt ligachampion dreams — a serious test. Ajax hacks closed worse team and not as resistant to pressure, so any chances of sensation precisely there.

One more reason is that Getafe are in good shape now. In the last four rounds have recorded four wins without conceding a goal. So, even defeat from “Barcelona” should not bring down the team with a stroke. Immediately after the “Barcelona” at Bogalusa home match with Sevilla. Given the crisis atlético, this season is the best chance for the Champions League for any “random” team, and until the end of February will become more clear.


The material used Opta data and Understat.

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