In “Zenith” and “Ahmad” harshly criticized the refereeing in the match of RPL


On Monday in Moscow will host the main Derby in the country “Spartak” – CSKA which will crown the already rich programme of the 6th round of the Russian Premier League (RPL). В "Зените" и "Ахмате" жестко раскритиковали судейство в матче РПЛ

Match “Zenit” – “Ahmad” was full of collisions and even ended in a brawl. Photo: RIA Novosti

The head of the Department of refereeing and inspection of the Russian football Union Alexander Yegorov is not to be envied. The Central match of the tour is still pending, and without a Grand judicial scandal do not work.

The focus was the match in which the leader of the championship “Zenit” took Grozny “Ahmad”. The meeting ended in a draw, but a peaceful zeros on the scoreboard the St. Petersburg stadium certainly was not.

The functions of the chief arbitrator was performed by Alexey Matyunin. People with an already impressive trail of scandals. So, in 2011, he was accused of using foul language and statements of the nationalist wing in the address of one of the players. The referee was even suspended for a year, but then cleared. And in November 2014 the insults on racial grounds Matyunina accused the Brazilian footballer “Zenith” Hulk. The referee even had to pass a test on the lie detector to prove his innocence. This time claims to Maturino was exclusively about the controversial decisions, but it is unlikely the judge and his chief Yegorov, this is much easier.

Hot was already on the seventh minute zenitovets Alexander Erokhin fell in single combat with Rizvan by Ulevym, and the latter was shown a red card for “a foul of last hope”. The fact that guests will be unhappy, might have been expected, but Peter Matyunina verdict was not satisfied. He thus cancelled the attack ended in a goal Asana.

Anyhow, “Zenith” appeared all the time I want to play most. Once the home is even almost succeeded, but emiliano Rigoni goal was disallowed for a very controversial offside. In addition, Matyunina had reason to appoint a penalty in gate “Ahmad” after the game by the hand of Anton Shvets, judge, but this episode left unattended.

In the end both teams even had a little brawl. Forward of “Zenith” Azmoun explained to her that the opponent was stalling for time.

For your emotional statements, the mentor of “Zenith” Sergei Semak and striker Artem Dzyuba could be suspended for a few games

After the final whistle, the emotion in the stadium continued to boil. What to say if I broke even always tactful and intelligent mentor of “Zenith” Sergei Semak. His assistant tried to find out something from Matyunina, Sergey Bogdanovich led off with the words: “it is Not necessary with these goats to talk.”

A gust caught the attacker “Zenit”, Artem Dzyuba, issued in the mixed zone fiery tirade: “How is this possible? On one match we have a VAR, the other is not. Matyunin – man of the match. What the hell was that? We now again dreamer Egorova listen? Started the championship, all play well except the judges. This kind of refereeing is a disgrace.”

The last sentence sarcastically responded midfielder “Akhmad” Denis Glushakov.

– Let’s not talk about the shame. We were in the minority. We had two or three to remove that was good?

On the performances of Zenit speakers, apparently, will be the reaction of the official authorities. The head of the ethics Committee of the RFU semen Andreev has already said that the subordinate authority is prepared to hear the words of the headlights if you will request it from the League. In the worst case Artem will get disqualified. As Semak, who can deal with the Control and disciplinary Committee. Although the coach for his words already apologized in social networks: “I apologize for my overly emotional expression to my assistant and friend, came on the air. No one wanted to offend. All – good health and strong nerves”.

Without evaluation do not have to stay and work Matyunina. But the scope of Alexander Egorov.

Meanwhile, Zenit played a draw for the second time in the season and has allowed persecutors to come nearer to itself. Thus, “Krasnodar” won “Tambov” – 2:0, reduced the gap from the leader to one point. And “Rostov” played on Sunday with the “Ufa”, and it could catch Zenit in the event of victory. This meeting, like another capital Derby, “Dynamo” – “locomotive”, ended after the signing rooms “RG” in print.

From other events of round we will note the continued scoring spree forward of Samara “wings of Soviets” Alexander Sobolev. In the match with the “Ural” the guy has scored the fifth goal in six games. And did it again unusually, technically throwing out of the goal Keeper of the opponent. “Wings” has won – 3:1, and the Sobolev headed the list of scorers of the championship.


“Orenburg” – “Sochi” – 1:1

Goals: Kalugin, A 46 – Snake, 68.

“Ural” – “Wings Of The Soviets” – 1:3

Goals: Panyukov, 90+4 – Gînsari, 28; Sobolev, 79; Radonjic, 84.

“Tambov” – “Krasnodar” – 0:2

Goals: Wánderson, 2; Utkin, 78.

“Zenit” – “Ahmad” – 0:0.

Rubin – Arsenal – 1:0

Goal: Markov, 72

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