Injuries to two key players – is the verdict? Do not rush!


In the last few seasons, the leaders of the “Sixers” so regularly and invariably get injured at the most crucial segments of the championship that a description of how coach Brett brown will do without their main stars, has become a hotel genre. Unfortunately for fans, “Philadelphia”, another part of this hospital-a tragic epic, this time not only came out before the start of the playoffs, but also in the form of two volumes.

On Wednesday the main playmaker Sixers Ben Simmons injured his knee on Sunday and the main center of the team Joel Abeid could not finish the game against Portland because of a sprained left ankle. But if in the case of AmbiCom data is relatively optimistic about the return in two weeks, with the restoration of Ben’s all very dim. And it’s not about a romantic twilight.

The fact that Simmons has a dislocated kneecap and damaged cartilage, removal of debris which will need surgery. The player has already left campus in Orlando, the procedure will be done this week, and the timing of recovery will depend on its success. We should not forget that in case of return of Simmons, waiting for his compulsory quarantine.

So even under the most ideal scenario, the Aussie will be able to help his team before the second round of the playoffs, and if we speak frankly, it is late stage. Of course, miracles happen, for example, the player “Atlanta” Allan Crabbe this season received a similar injury on 30 November and on 8 December the air with dust in the “hawks”. Only stories, when the players missed due to the similar damage of months and seasons, alas, much more.

Regardless of which scenario will develop restoration Simmons, “Philly” have to find ways at least to save face. And it will not be easy.

The Tobias Harris and al Horford it’s time to recall its contractual obligations.

Talked about this back in February when I calculated the amount that Philadelphia has invested last summer in al Horford (97 million for 4 years) and Tobias Harris ($180 million for 5 years). This was an important investment, not only financial, but also strategic point of view, for the sake of signing Harris Sixers chose to go Jimmy Butler.

What the Sixers get in return? At best, the syndrome of the first season, which is still to blame for the lack of understanding, unfamiliarity of new schemes and the like. Horford, which were great in “Boston” in the new team for the most part toiled due to the fact that they could not simultaneously play in conjunction with AmbiCom: for two large simply no place was found under the ring, and at long range the effectiveness of both fell sharply.

Harris, despite the increase in the number of attempts to throw and play time, in fact, remained at its original level and gave the “Philadelphia” is nothing new. Faded stats of both not discreditied their accomplishments, Horford and Harris are still great players, and the question of their value should rather be addressed to club management. But that Horford and Harris can and should improve, no doubt, and that now is the best time.

Shake Milton have to catch a moment of luck.

Shake Milton is the main the hidden trump card of “Philadelphia”. Milton came out in the start position of the first number in the regular season, but the main creative functions still remained the privilege of the guest, the Shake was waiting in the wings. Who then could have known that the injury Simmons soon will make the Neck in fact the only point guard of the team.

What Milton does not shy away from additional obligations, it was clear before it even reached the point that the Shake was presenting Embiid for his lack of initiative.

Well, now Milton, as in the ACE of trumps and starting point guard, hands off the ball, which he is free to dispose of as he pleases. While out well in a recent match against “Orlando” Shake for the first time in his career he gave 9 assists, the main thing now — to continue in the same spirit.

Alex Burks and Furkan Korkmaz are required to keep your level.

Habit to consolidate the material covered is sometimes more important hasty progress. If Horford and Harris should become the main suppliers of points, the Berks and Korkmaz are obliged to help them in this, without errors, in performing its duties. Especially for a Turkish basketball player. Do not see that he scored only 9.6 points, Furkan — chic complement sniper, and for such type of players it is not the number of points, and the constancy of accurate shots.

In 21 minutes of playing time the Turks on average sells 43% of shots from the game, 39,7% shots 48.7% of shots with a medium. Korkmaz is one of the few players in Philadelphia who knows how to play without the ball. It is economical and effective style was important in the moments when the team and without him who would score. And now, perhaps, will become even more relevant when the shots Simmons and Embiid will be distributed among the other players in Philadelphia.

Berks — character a little easier. It was signed in February, after broke up with him “Warriors”, and since Alec is not that agitated the minds of fans of the Sixers. But after the resumption of the season in Orlando, it became obvious that Burke is able to be a potential threat on the perimeter. In his first four games in Orlando, he converted 9 of 13 three-pointers, but against the same “magic” gave a solid 22 points.

Injury Simmons and Embiid will force the Sixers to demand more from Horford and Harris, who yesterday was 3-4 attacking option, and the same use of all available reserves, but who said that the importance of first more. In the end, Horford and Harris already have contracts, and such characters, like Berks, have to prove their right to continue playing in this League. And they will do it, with Simmons, Ambiem or without them.

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