Is Salavat a donor to Spartak? Six people have already left Ufa for Moscow


Is Salavat a donor to Spartak? Six people have already left Ufa for Moscow

In the current offseason, Salavat Yulaev did not radically change their roster. Yes, there are changes (the main loss was the departure of Vladimir Zharkov to Avangard), but in general, the backbone of the team, including strong legionnaires, remained the same. They decided not to make any sudden movements in Ufa.

In turn, in “Spartak” as a result of a change in leadership and the entire coaching staff, there have been major changes. In fact, 80% of the roster has changed, so in the 2021/2022 season, fans will see a completely new club. On the one hand, it is interesting and intriguing, on the other, it raises certain concerns. The star line-up of Muscovites cannot be exactly called, and head coach Boris Mironov does not have the proper experience.

I wonder how the transfer campaign of both teams went. For example, only one person moved from Spartak to Salavat Yulaev. This is the age defender and Olympic champion of Pyeongchang Andrei Zubarev . Once a favorite of Oleg Znark , and now a player who was abandoned and barely got rid of in Spartak. Andrey is a native of Ufa, so he should get additional motivation in his native club.

But in the opposite direction, attention, as many as six (!) People followed. Yes, everyone’s situations are different: some have ended their contracts, some have been exchanged. But, you see, the case is rather unusual.

Let’s start with the oldest. Defender Alexei Semyonov , who recently frankly did not keep up with his rivals and grabbed a lot of deletions, made a logical decision to end his career. Boris Mironov immediately invited Semyonov to his coaching staff, although the player who just hung his skates on a nail had absolutely no coaching experience. Maybe for a start it was worth trying your hand at the MHL or VHL?

Forwards Vyacheslav Solodukhin and Dmitry Kugryshev ended their contracts, and they were not offered new agreements in the capital of Bashkortostan. Kugryshev is a more hammering and creative hockey player, although he hasn’t been playing at Salavat lately. Solodukhin is a forward of the third or fourth links, who is good when playing in the minority and neutralizing the opponents’ leaders. Such hockey players are needed, but in “Spartak” there are too many of them now, and in “Salavat” it is exactly the opposite.

Is Salavat a donor to Spartak?  Six people have already left Ufa for Moscow

Vyacheslav Solodukhin

Defender Dmitry Korobov and striker Ilya Baranov were exchanged for Spartak. At the same time, the Belarusian became part of the deal to transfer the previously mentioned Zubarev to the Yulaev camp. Spartak is a familiar club for Dmitry, this defensive player has already played in Moscow, but his best years are long gone. The only thing that can attract in Korobov is his small money requests.

Forward Ilya Baranov had little practice in the main team of Salavat, and it is somehow not comme il faut to constantly vegetate in Toros at the age of 25. It’s time to go to another level, the Russian will have more playing time in Spartak.

And, finally, the day before, another deal happened between Salavat and Spartak. Ufa was never able to agree on a new contract with striker Eduard Gimatov , who is a restricted free agent. Gimatov did not accept qualifications from his native team, the competition in Salavat is serious, so no one was going to offer Eduard a lot of money. As a result – an exchange in “Spartak” for monetary compensation.

“The negotiations with the representatives of Gimatov went on for a very long time and in the process of these negotiations the window of opportunity was missed. In the process of preparing the team for the season, the coaching staff could not find a place for him with enough playing time for the player to be able to develop further. Together we came to the conclusion that it would be better for the player himself to continue his career in another club. We wish him good luck in his career and thank him for his selfless play, ”the Ufa club commented on the deal.

Let’s not forget that the current sports director of the Spartak team is Roman Belyaev . A student of the famous Russian functionary Leonid Vaysfeld , he held a similar position at Salavat Yulaev for a long time. Belyaev probably retained certain ties in the Ufa club, hence such a close relationship between the two teams. For the sake of fairness, we note that Salavat and Spartak are not competitors, they participate in different conferences, therefore, in general, they can establish cooperation with each other. The main thing is that both sides benefit from this.

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