Istanbul, the penalty shootout… Liverpool! Klopp won the first trophy of the season


“Liverpool” and “Chelsea” has given 120 minutes of classroom football in the bonus penalty shootout, making excellent zapico the new European season.News SMI2

After stalling on the eve of the historic live broadcast of the match “Krasnodar” visiting Portuguese tales “Match TV” some fans started to worry, will not suffer the same fate show match for the UEFA super Cup between Liverpool and Chelsea. Still, the match venue was chosen Istanbul, and hot turizmovedeniya may be even more crazy demands for the transmission of a television image, than the temperamental Portuguese. But nothing happened: at the appointed hour the Russian audience, including a TV, could see the scheduled stream.

The team was easy to guess: both head coaches the choice of artists is not so great. Chelsea do still have a year to live in the harsh conditions imposed FIFA sanctions for violation of the club’s transfer rules. So what about the new signings Frank Lampard, recently led the blue, can only dream of. And Liverpool simply behaved very modestly in the summer in the transfer market, especially anyone not losing, but not buy.

However, the cost to start the championship the Premier League, as the reigning League Champions suffered a surprise loss. In the first match with “Norwich” injured the Liverpool half the team – the goalkeeper Alisson. The doctors say the Brazilian was out of action for a few weeks, so his partner Adrian had to try on the role of the first issue. But last season the Spanish goalkeeper almost did not play for, “West ham”.

A special piquancy to the match for European super Cup gave the officiating crew. The fact that it consisted entirely of women. This trio led by Stephanie Rapper made history by becoming the first ladies, which was entrusted to hold the match men’s teams at such a high level.

This fact is curious commented the head coach of “Liverpool” Jurgen Klopp.

– I will try to look good, otherwise my mom’s gonna be mad, – said the German specialist on the eve of the match. – Actually, I am very pleased that we will become participants in historical events. This is a first, and hopefully not the last.

It should be noted that girls were not left without support: the match was worked as a system VAR, and supervised a team of videoassisted famous French referee Clement Stavrev.

Help the all-seeing teleka took Madame Rapper at the end of the first half when striker extreme blue Christian Politics, having easily dealt with the defense of “Liverpool”, shot into the bottom corner of Hadrian. However, the 20-year-old American talent of Croatian origin, as confirmed by VAR, has accepted a ball from depth of field being offside. Why French girls with a whistle and a flag correctly understood the situation, is not counted a goal.

But the score could be already 2:0 in advantage “Chelsea”. Londoners, which this season a write off in advance, and almost no one among the contenders for the title, the second half of the first half we played brilliantly. Yes, in the beginning of the game Liverpool looked more active and sharper, and once Mohamed Salah diagonal cross brought out by the right inside to the gate of Kepi Arrizabalaga. The Egyptians tried to cleverly guide the ball into the far corner, but the Spanish goalkeeper (that was a duel of goalies from the Pyrenees!) did not let himself be outmaneuvered. In another episode of Sado Manet was wounded in the volley, and the ball appeared to hit the hand of defender of “Chelsea”. However, Frapper penalty is not appointed, which means that and tips from arbitrators VAR in this case was not followed.

And minutes of 25th wards Lampard suddenly started to spend a single acute attack after another. They especially managed combined with the crossing, when the seemingly clumsy and heavy defense of the Merseysiders began to miss nimble attacking players. The first bell was the release of the shock position Olivier Giroud – kick the Frenchman frankly failed. Then in the penalty area left unattended Politica – Liverpool rescued Adrian. And finally, another “scratch” Politica and Fat so confused the defenders of red that they left free their entire right flank. Out Fat and has struck – this time juicy and productive.

Then, as we already know, there was an episode of the canceled bare of Politica, and at the break the team left, like exchanging statuses: Chelsea looked confident favorite, Liverpool unnerved formidable opponent prigotovishka.

But Klopp would not be Klopp and his team would not have taken two and a half months earlier “big-eared” Cup of Champions, if after the break we didn’t see it as “Liverpool” as used to see him in recent years. And it’s not just to be replaced quite indissoluble on the field Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on Roberto Firmino – from the locker room to the turf Istanbul arena came out a different team: striving, charged for the high pressure and rapid exit to the attack. Scoring chances at gate of Kepi rained down one after the other: in the first five minutes of the half, the three ball could go in Aerotech Chelsea.

But in the end I visited only once. However, to fractions of a second in a timely manner they responded to the pass from deep, managed to play the ball Manet, and Senegalese at the second attempt probabil the hands of the goalkeeper.

Against Liverpool it was clear – and it must play the strongest club of the Old world. But how solid and aggressive brought Chelsea! Politics did everything to the fans and Chelsea’s less often remembered and grieved about going out to real Madrid for Eden hazard. But N Golo Kante in midfield again reminded himself of the times of last year’s world championship in Russia when he made a significant contribution to the conquest of France of the title of the best team of the planet. Well, even if Giroud started to score so Lampard knows any secret passwords or spells that help his team to open up unexplored reserves.

Barely Lampard replaced a couple of their most dangerous this evening players as Liverpool created supergravy moment. After a corner Salah made Kepu to drag the ball from the bottom left corner, and a second later the shot is heroically moved the crossbar from the rebound Virgil van dyke. A few minutes later the Dutch Central defender has rescued his goalkeeper, blocking the kick Pedro in touch after cross from the right.

On the 83 th minute of the French ladies have taken the liberty to cancel another goal for Chelsea – and, it seems, again rightly: substitute Mason mount really received the ball in offside, and then put him in the far corner of Adrian. But when Manet in response to the attack missed the target wide of the goal box on the side of the line not shot. Although the forward of “Liverpool” to pass the time was half a length ahead of the last defender.

But overall the ladies team of judges worked well and the mass of the football is not exactly spoiled.

Perhaps none of the spectators were on the stands of the arena “Besiktas Park” was not against extra time: the chance to see a cool bonus half hour of football! And the supporters ‘ expectations were fully met: the extra-half was hot and productive.

To start with San Firmino again realized for two, and the Senegalese is caught under the crossbar. Almost immediately Tammy Abraham is so scared of Hadrian, appearing like a Jack-in-the-box, in the goalkeeper’s area, the goalie rashly rushed at his feet and seems to be fouled. In any case, the decision of the referee to give a penalty kick not even been questioned by video replay review. Jorginho from the point struck through a small pause after putting the goalkeeper in the left corner, and the ball having scored almost in the middle – 2:2.

Subsequent events have only confirmed that the spare attacking players in “Chelsea” is little inferior to the main one. Mount, Abraham, joined by Ross Barkley (thanks to the allowed fourth substitution in extra time) continued to strain the tired defense of “Liverpool”. What, for example, the moment happened with the participation of Abraham when 21-year old Brit of Nigerian descent was gracefully headed the ball into the far corner, but missed a little.

In the second overtime quarters of an hour, it seemed, looked the fresher players “Chelsea”. Proved by three dangerous shots, two of which reflected Adrian, and the third Pedro came out a little inaccurate.

Top scorer of the evening – mane – already have been replaced and covered his face with his palms on the bench. Nothing more he can help Liverpool in this match could not. However, Klopp is not planning to use Senegalese in the proposed penalties. And, besides, I should not be overloading one of the key forwards two hours of intense play at the start of the season.

Istanbul, the penalties… For “Liverpool” these words are like the password to victory, if you remember the epic Champions League final against Milan in 2005. This time the skipper in the third and fourth strikes were closer to reflect the impact of Divoka Origi and Trent Alexander-Arnold. But the duel with the Spanish goalkeeper won all the same Adrian, who came between the fifth Ular Abraham.

So in Istanbul in a penalty shoot-out against Liverpool better not to play!

UEFA super Cup-2019/20

“Liverpool” (England) – Chelsea” (London, England) – 2:2 (0:1, 1:1), on penalties – 5:4
Liverpool: Adrian Gomez, Matip, van dyke, Robertson (Alexander Arnold, 91) – Milner (Wijnaldum, 64), Fabinho, Henderson (K) – oxlade-Chamberlain (Firmino, 46), Salah, mana (Original, 103)
Chelsea: Arrizabalaga – Azpilicueta (K), Zuma, A. Christensen (Tomori, 85), Emerson – Kant, Jorginho, Kovacic (Barclay, 101), Politics (mount, 74), Fat (Abraham, 74), Pedro
Goals: Giroud (Of Politics), 36 – 0:1. Manet (Firmino), 48 – 1:1. Manet (Firmino), 95 To 2:1. Jorginho, 101 – penalty – 2:2
Penalties: Firmino – 1:0. Jorginho – 1:1. Fabinho – 2:1. Barkley 2:2. The original 3:2. Mount 3:3. Alexander Arnold Is 4:3. Emerson – 4:4. Salah – 5:4. Abraham 5:4 (goalkeeper)
Warnings: Henderson, 85. Alexander Arnold, 107 – Azpilicueta, 79
Judge: Stephanie Frappe (France)

14 Aug. Istanbul. Stadium “Istanbul Park”

source: “Soviet sport”

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