It’s time to declare yourself. 10 players expected to make a breakthrough in the new KHL season


It’s time to declare yourself. 10 players expected to make a breakthrough in the new KHL season

Now KHL clubs hold friendly matches and play in pre-season tournaments. A new season starts in September, and some Russian hockey players will receive close attention from fans and media representatives. We are talking about those who are expected to make a major breakthrough in the game.

n. Nikita Korostelev (Metallurg Mg), 24 years old

Korostelev is a trained and skilled forward. Immediately I remember how he threw a luxurious puck into the Ak Bars goal while on a hidden loan at the Admiral. In CSKA, Nikita had little playing time, so his move to Magnitka is absolutely logical. An experienced and well-experienced coach of the Urals, Ilya Vorobyov, knows very well the strong qualities of a hockey player, so Korostelev will definitely strengthen the team. By the way, at the Romazan memorial, the newcomer of the Ural club scored another beautiful puck. This time – at the gate of “Cupid”.

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n. Dmitry Rashevsky (Dynamo M), 20 years old

Rashevsky moved to the capital club from the St. Petersburg Dynamo system. For the forward, the blue and white gave three young players at once. Rashevsky made his debut in the KHL last season, and in the upcoming championship they are expecting a real breakthrough from him. Now Rashevsky is playing around in the second line of Dynamo, taking the position of the injured Fedorov. In a friendly match with Spartak, he scored a double, playing in the top three with Lindbergh and O’Dell. Only this year, Rashevsky was selected in the NHL draft. Winnipeg had an eye on the striker.

n. Nikolay Kovalenko (“Ak Bars”), 21 years old

The son of the Olympic champion Andrei Kovalenko finally broke free from the oppression of Andrei Skabelka in Lokomotiv and changed the situation. Kovalenko will work with Dmitry Kvartalnov, who knows him well from Yaroslavl. Now Nikolai needs to forget all the past and embark on a new path of development for himself. This hockey player, with the proper attitude to the matter, is capable of a lot. And the conditions in Kazan are simply gorgeous.

n. Rodion Amirov (“Salavat Yulaev”), 19 years old

Amirov has already signed a contract with the NHL club Toronto Maple Leafs, but the next season, according to an agreement between the Canadian team and Salavat, the young striker will spend in Ufa. They expected a breakthrough from Amirov last year, and in this case the forward is simply obliged to take the leading roles in his club. Of course, the Finnish trio of forwards is unlikely to be outdone, but among the Russians, Amirov may well become one of the best. Rodion has a talent for this.

It's time to declare yourself. 10 players expected to make a breakthrough in the new KHL season

n. Vasily Ponomarev (Spartak), 19 years old

Ponomarev, like Amirov, will spend the next season in the KHL, although he has a contract with Karolina. Vasily is an intelligent and sensible striker, Igor Larionov himself noted him when the forward played for the Russian youth team at the MFM. In “Spartak” Ponomarev will receive playing time, as well as invaluable experience in the KHL and a new impetus in development. The expectations from Vasily are very high, they need to be justified.

n. Dmitry Ovchinnikov (Siberia), 18 years old

Ovchinnikov is one of the most talented (if not the most talented) forward of the Siberia system. If Andrei Martemyanov trusts this guy, as is happening now, during the preseason matches, then Dmitry will definitely grow into a top striker. Already today, only the lazy one does not speak about him, and in the coming season this hockey player can very pleasantly surprise him with his game.

n. Nikita Tertyshny (“Tractor”), 23 years old

Nikita Tertyshny got a second breath. For a long time, the attacker was almost not trusted, he was sent to play in the VHL for Ugra, with which the hockey player became the best in the Higher League. It was noticeable that Nikita had improved a lot and was ready to return to Traktor. At the tournament in Sochi, where the Chelyabinsk team took first place, Tertyshny showed his best side. Well, we expect a powerful season from the striker!

It's time to declare yourself. 10 players expected to make a breakthrough in the new KHL season

n. Pavel Sheng (HC Sochi), 21 years old

All of Sheng’s past trips to North America have been unsuccessful. Largely due to the fact that the North American agent Paul Theophanos simply powdered Paul’s brains. Sheng did not manage to play in the Boston system. This striker clearly needs to develop at home. In this regard, Sochi is an ideal option, where there will be trust, playing time, and the opportunity to restart a career. Pavel is quite capable of sparkling in the regular season.

n. Nikita Chibrikov (SKA), 18 years old

There is a lot of competition in SKA, but the examples of Marchenko, Morozov and Podkolzin prove that if a person tries and works, he will definitely make his way to the squad. Chibrikov is a guy with character and ambition. Valery Bragin, knowing his love for youth, will definitely check this striker in action. There is a feeling that Nikita will make a serious breakthrough in his career and follow in the footsteps of the talents mentioned earlier.

n. Arseniy Gritsyuk (“Avangard”), 20 years old

Gritsyuk may well become the second Chinakhov for Avangard. Yegor left for the NHL, but proved that young players can get their chance in the Hawks even with Bob Hartley at the helm. Arseniy showed a good game with glimpses last year, but this year he must seriously add and become a stable base player.

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